French Revolution Human Right and Napoleon's Government Term Paper

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French Revolution, Human Right, And Napoleon's Government

French Revolution: Causes and aftermath

Before the French Revolution, France was an absolutist monarchy. Technically, there was a representative body in which the three 'Estates' had voices (the First Estate was that of the clergy; the Second the aristocracy; the Third, the common populace). But the Estates General was rarely called, and the Third Estate suffered crippling taxation and felt that the king did not have its interests at heart, particularly after suffering from a series of agricultural crises. In response to the monarchy's unwillingness to listen to the Third Estate, the Declaration of Rights of Man declared that all human beings, regardless of class, had certain inalienable rights.

The Declaration affirmed that the principle of sovereignty lay in the nation -- not the divine right of kings (Sherman 117). It noted that taxes should be gathered in the same form from all citizens, which was not the case previously (Sherman 117). Law was deemed the expression of the general will, and the only things which should be banned were those "hurtful to society," versus laws designed to enforce the capricious will of the monarch (Sherman 117). Holding people without charges, unjust punishments, and persecution based upon political and religious beliefs were likewise banned; free expression was affirmed (Sherman 118).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on French Revolution Human Right and Napoleon's Government Assignment

The French Revolutionaries stated that the will of the people should govern the nation, not archaic laws. It also demanded an end to the right to selling judicial appointments and the prohibition of persons entering various professions and government offices based upon birth (Sherman 117). The Revolution thus questioned some of the most basic tenets of French society of the day. Additionally, although not explicitly a feminist movement, the Declaration of the Rights of Man also spawned a corresponding Declaration of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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