French Revolution and Human Rights Book Report

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Lynn Hunt's book "The French Revolution and Human Rights" emphasizes the complex nature of human rights and society's failure to arrive to a strict definition when concerning this concept. Hunt's introduction actually makes it possible for readers to understand the divisiveness of the human rights agenda in the contemporary society, taking into account that things did not actually experience significant change ever since the French Revolution.

Class was an essential factor making it possible for governments to devise a human rights agenda both during the French Revolution and consequent to it. People's feelings of empathy actually enabled them to feel that it would be wrong for them to discriminate others on account of their social status and these individuals gradually came to look at the social order from another perspective. Hunt shows how even though many individuals in the upper class did not actually get involved in trying to have middle classes aware with regard to their position, as they chose to inspire them instead.

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3. The "Petition of Women of the Third Estate" involved a group of women presenting King Louis XVI with a series of demands that were expected to provide them with a more honorable status in the country. The petitioners were well-aware of their position and emphasized that they did not expect to become equal to men, as they simply wanted to have more rights. Abbe Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes' pamphlet "What is the Third Estate" was meant to it was important for his compatriots to realize that the common people represented a nation on their own and that it was important for them to avoid being influenced by privileged powers.

TOPIC: Book Report on French Revolution and Human Rights Assignment

4. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen emphasized that all individuals in the country… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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