French Revolution for Many People Term Paper

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The European nobility and monarchs watched in horror, the alternations taking place in France. They feared the same fate in their own respective states. Some radicals were watchful to expand their radical ideals all over Europe. Consequently, some countries took immediate action. Prussia and Austria requested France to retain Louis to his previous position as the monarch. In April 1792, the Legislative assembly decided to declare war. The war was discomforting for France. In the 1792's summer, Prussian forces had been pushing towards Paris. A threat was made to destruct Paris from existence, if revolutionaries made a move on the royal family. The Parisians were revolted. During August, at least 20,000 people attacked Tuileries, which was the humble abode of the royal family. The angry mob killed the security personnel and took Louis as a prisoner, his wife Marie Antoinette and their children with them (Hazen, 2013, p. 224).

The French troops were defending Paris when they were sent to fortify the French army in the battleground. There were rumors about prisoners breaking free and seizing control of Paris city. The citizens felt insecure and took matter in their own hands. They became the law. They raided the prisons and killed at least 1000 prisoners on their own. Royal personnel, priests, nobility also fell victim to these mass massacres of September (Hazen, 2013, p. 224).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on French Revolution for Many People, Assignment

The Legislative Assembly came under strenuous pressure from these radicals and its own members and abolished the constitution of 1791. It disposed of the king and dissolved the assembly as well as announced reelection for a legislature. National Convention was the new governing body formed and began functioning from September 21. It declared an end to the monarchy and declared France a republican. Male citizens were allowed to vote and take office. Women had not been not… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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