Freud Was Right, Peter Muris Research Paper

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In addition, through modeling, children may repeat their parents' behavior, specifically abnormal behavior. Learning experiences, particularly aversive life events, can play a role in psychopathology, including simply the acquisition of negative information. Societal-level influences can include things such as the impact of racism leading to higher levels of anxiety in black South African children than in white South African children, which is linked to the socioeconomic differences between the two groups.

Muris discusses the impact that early intervention during youth can decrease adult psychopathology in impacted youth. These interventions can include parental training and various forms of cognitive behavioral therapy. However, interventions have not necessarily been specifically tailored to those working with problem youths. Moreover, many children may lack access to help because of the stigma related to mental health disorders.

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The article of the title was misleading in that it did not really discuss Freudian psychology or even begin to investigate the notion that Freud's Oedipal theories may have hinted at the very real psychological disorders that can result from childhood sexual abuse, which dovetails nicely into theories linked to childhood obsession with parental sexuality. Instead, the article only focuses on whether or not abnormal behavior has its roots in childhood. The article makes it clear that there is substantial empirical support for multiple ideas linking abnormal psychology to childhood: 1) a link between adult abnormal behavior and childhood circumstances; 2) high rates of abnormal psychological behavior in children and adolescents; and 3) the success of early intervention.


Muris, P. (2006). Freud was right…about the origins of abnormal behavior. Journal of Child

Research Paper on Freud Was Right, Peter Muris Assignment

and Family Studies, 15(1), pp.1-12. doi:…
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