Freudian Dream Interpretation Term Paper

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The latent content of this dream is very complex and conveys many ideas at the same time. The hurt that the client is feeling started around the time of High School and was not caused by one person. The client resents any person who she perceives has caused her hurt and expresses a clear wish to have them destroyed, along with the hurt that they represent. She wants to get away from the pain, but cannot. She wishes for a person of strength to take them away and destroy them. She then wants to take that hurt and turn it into a source of strength, to begin again.

The client wishes to talk to her father so that he can help take the hurt away, but is afraid to talk to him in fear that it might hurt him if he knew that she was hurt. She does not want to shatter his dreams of making the prefect world for her. These are repressed feelings.

The client states that she has this dream whenever she feels stressed and pressured and that sometimes the faces of the drowned people change to whoever she feels has hurt her, such as a professor who highly criticized her paper, or her mother, someone who she randomly has seen during her day. The other elements are always the same, only the faces of the drowned have changed. This means that the latent content of the dream is symbolic of any feelings that she might have of anger or fear. It is a recurring dream that she has whenever she needs someone to save her, or needs to get away from a stressful situation.

I would recommend further therapy to discover the cause of the clients repressed feelings about mother, father, and sexual frustration.


The Dream

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The dream begins on a sunny day. I am riding in a boat on a large body of water with an old friend of mine from High School. There are some people who are on an island. The island is dirty and piled with trash. We keep on drifting by. They try to put some of the trash on our boat. The water is shallow and the wade toward our boat to try and put the trash on it. We are mad about it and steer the boat away from them. It is a motor boat. They try to pursue us and we keep running away in the boat.

Term Paper on Freudian Dream Interpretation the Dream Assignment

Suddenly the sky turns dark and cloudy. Then a tornado appears on the water and starts coming toward us we frantically try to get away in the boat. The waters start to rise rapidly and the path of the tornado makes us return in the direction of the Trash Island. When we get there, still running from the tornado, the people are drowning and screaming for us to let them in the boat. They try to take the boat from us. We beat them back. The tornado is getting closer. It twists and turns on the water with clouds rolling at the top. The tornado is upon us and we think we will be killed. Then the tornado turns sharply and destroys the people and the island of trash.

In the end the tornado goes away and the sun comes out again, leaving in the wake a sea of dead bodies and trash floating in the receding waters. I see that faces of the people and all are of people have tried to hurt me in the past. They are an old boyfriend, an old boss, a teacher who once embarrassed me, and a friend who betrayed me.

The sky tuns bright again and we are able to stop on the island. We start picking up the trash and using it to build a house. Then I woke up.

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