Friends Describe You? Research Proposal

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¶ … friends describe you? Do you agree or disagree? Why/Why not?

If you want a friend who will tell you that the sun is shining when the sky is dark, do not solicit my opinion. If you want a friend who always agrees with you, whether you are right or wrong, I am not your ideal confidant. However, if you want strength, support, and unswerving determination, I will be there for you, and not just in fair weather.

Here are some of the adjectives often used to describe me: opinionated, an over-achiever, dynamic, independent, and a natural leader. I have lived in many different countries over the course of my life, yet these words have emerged again and again in the character studies of friends and acquaintances who have tried to encapsulate my character in words.

I was born in Korea but have traveled and lived all over the world. My need to adapt to new environments has made me resilient and tolerant yet also unafraid of what others think. I emerged from my wanderer's life fluent in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English and the cultures of Asia and North America. I am familiar with many different ways of life but have always had the instinctive knowledge of how to preserve my essential sense of self. I think that is why my early career focused on the fashion industry: the idea of holding true to one's personal style yet constantly having to reinvent one's image fascinated me.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Proposal on Friends Describe You? Do You Agree or Assignment

Perhaps not surprisingly, given my career in fashion, I have also been described as a perfectionist -- to realize a creative vision requires nothing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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