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Ftaa Case Study

Even though there are specific areas that require much attention pertaining to the FTTA policies, the success of the summit meetings was because of effective proceedings of FTAA operations and numerous lawful protestors expressing their freedom of speech. The security plan for the FTAA comprised the involvement of 25 Local law enforcement agencies, 7 State agencies and 7 Federal agencies (Miami Police Department, 2004).

Planning, training and organization are intricate tasks in any big law enforcement operation, and the addition of more agencies complicates the objectives laid upon by the agreement. Law enforcement corporations characterized by diverse rank structures, uniforms, training procedures and functions as a single enterprise by putting aside their organizational autonomy. About 40 various law enforcement agencies bring forth 40 different personnel to contribute towards the success of the negotiations. However, in order to integrate a large law enforcement agency into a single entity, each of the sovereign leaders must develop a single plan and a single policy. This was a complex idea and a new one in the American law enforcement. As the only basic law enforcement entity in the host City, the City of Miami Police Department took a leadership role in the FTAA law enforcement operation (Florida FTAA Inc. (n.d.)Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Ftaa Conference Assignment

The role assumed by the Miami police department was significant in various circumstances. Most of the FTAA events took place within Miami City. Most of the summit meetings and the housing of the member states from the 34 participating nations took place in Intercontinental and Hyatt Hotels in downtown Miami. The demonstrating groups had shown their purpose to demonstrate near the FTAA summit meetings, particularly near Biscayne Boulevard and in the Bayfront Amphitheater next to the Intercontinental property. The FTAA has its permanent presence in Miami Police Department, which also has the greatest acquaintance with the downtown mostly affected by FTAA policies. The populace and businesses in Miami City that encompasses the central constituency of the Miami Police Department is the same population that entered into a contractual agreement. Based on the negative consequences of the FTTA, the population needed an agency that will voice out their problems, and the City of Miami Police Department represented the population by playing a leadership role in the FTAA security operation.

The policy of allowing free movement of corporations and nations to trade with other nations accelerated competition between agencies and small-scale farmers. In order for these corporations to remain competitive in the trade market, they were compelled to lower their employee's wages and lower the quality of goods produced. This would help in saving resources for marketing for the produced goods and services.

The current objective of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) is to extend the North American Free Trade Agreement to comprise other 31 nations in the Western region. However, the agreement excludes the public input. Apart from extending the unsuccessful policies of the NAFTA that have lowered the living standards, destabilized workers' privileges and rights, discouraged farming, and enabled organizations to demean domestic public interest regulations, FTAA will implement new policies that limit the capacity of the federal, state, and local governments throughout the hemisphere. FTAA will also control the public and private services and give essential public services. The attempt to integrate the economies of the Western Hemisphere with a free trade agreement commenced at the Summit of the Americas, in December of 1994 in Miami, Florida.

The summit comprised of 34 heads of states… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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