Functions of Management A. Organization the Planning Term Paper

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Functions of Management a. Organization

The planning function in an organization refers to "the future impact of today's decisions." This includes everything from providing a mission for the company, setting strategic goals and defining the means by which these goals can be achieved. The planning function defines the trend the company will be following on a short- and long-term. In the case of the American College, the planning function includes remaining a top competitor (as a strategic objective) and developing the means by which this objective can be reached.

The organizing function establishes "the internal organizational structure of the business." This means that the American College designs the right organization chart that will serve most efficiently and that will work best with the current human resources. The organization function also works perfectly with the planning function, because, while the planning function designs the ways of action at a large scale, the organization function will handle the tactical details of how they should be carried out. How can financial stability and accurate tuition fees be maintained?

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Directing or leading refers to ways in which the human resource is mobilized to make most out of the positions they work in. Motivation is a key element in the directing function, as is the vision that a leader needs to provide. In the case of the American College, the vision relies in the planning function and its strategic objective: providing an OPPORTUNITY for students, an opportunity of learning. The employees at American College, besides financial motivation, have the sheer satisfaction of their palpable and real success.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Functions of Management A. Organization the Planning Assignment

Finally, the controlling feedback involves a concrete and diverse feedback mechanism by which the way the decisions that the management makes and are implemented is evaluated and new ways of action are designed to cope with changes. In our case, for example, any change in price must be reflected and adjusted, as a reactive action to change. Additionally, control mechanisms, including financial ratio and a keen eye on the annual statements, are in place in order to ensure the fulfillment of one of the strategic goals, the financial stability of the company.

b. Supervisor

If in the organization's case, everything was at macro levels, the supervisor function transposes the four functions of management at division or lower levels. In this sense, the planning function refers, first of all, to financial stability in the department. In this sense, the supervisor needs to ensure that the actions he takes do not affect the department budget and that this… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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