Functions of Management Is a Process Term Paper

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Functions of Management

Management is a process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling various resources a Company or organization. To dissect each management functions, planning, organizing, leading and controlling, the following paragraph four paragraphs will briefly describe each of these functions

Planning is an act of formulating a program for a definite course of action which is identifying Organization's objectives and answering these questions: Where it wants to go? Why it wants to go there? How will it get there? What it needs to get there? And How will it know if it's there or not. It is also where Vision and Mission is formed.

Organizing is the establishment of organizational structure of the Company to formulate its sets of plans into action. The focus is on division, coordination, and control of tasks and the flow of information within the organization.

Leading is the act of directing the behavior of all personnel to accomplish the organization's mission and goals. In leading, the function heads of the organization does not only delegate work but inspire co-employees and subordinates to work in the achievement of Company objectives, which is its mission and vision.

Controlling is the function of monitoring progress in the achievement of goals and objectives and ensuring corrective actions are done when required. This stage, along with the others, is a continuous process.

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Term Paper on Functions of Management Is a Process of Assignment

Our Company, one of the non-alcoholic beverages companies, established and is currently going over these four functions of management. When the Company was formed, it had an objective embodied in their vision and mission posted in each department's office to remind employees the Company's path. Its mission and vision is: "To be known and be a non-alcoholic beverage company of choice." With the objectives defined in their vision and mission, different functions were formed: Human Resources to be in-charged of hiring qualified employees; Purchasing Department to be in-charged of purchase of raw materials, fixed assets, equipment, supplies, and other purchases and services to assist each department with necessary goods and services; Materials Control Department to be in-charged of receiving and monitoring of goods purchased; Finance Department to be in-charged of financial matter such as payment of purchases, collections, recording of transactions and preparation of financial reports; Audit department to be in-charged of auditing other functions if they comply with Company Policies, acceptable standards and legal provisions; Manufacturing department to be in-charged of production of non-alcoholic beverages to be sold; Quality Control department to be in-charged of ensuring raw materials accepted are within quality standard level and products for distribution and consumption from production also pass quality control test, that it is free from unwanted foreign matters and taste is according to set standard; Marketing Department is to be in-charged of marketing strategies, promotions and advertisements; and Sales… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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