Functions of Women in USA Christianity Research Paper

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Functions of Women in USA Christianity

function of women in USA christianity

The functions of women in USA Christianity are more or less the same as women's roles in other Christian societies. Since the U.S.A. is predominantly Christian, the functions of women in Christianity basically define the way most women in the U.S.A. live. However, the functions of most women wasn't the same, decades back, because in present day America, women have grown to assume more dominant roles in the church and other spheres of influence.

Women have traditionally had the role of being a mother and wife. In addition, women have been noted to be keepers of the house; in the sense that, they have to ensure the house is in order and the children are well taken care of. This role is ancient because it stems from the bible and is adhered to, even today. However, in present day America, divorce and lifestyle changes have seen many women assuming the functions of both the husband and the wife (Indiana University, 2010, p.359).

Christianity also gives the woman the right to marital sex as opposed to the misconceptions that rights in marital sex falls in the hands of the man. Women are therefore protected by the church and the law, against forced sexual advances but they are expected to live in cordial harmony with their husbands. Christianity therefore expects women to enjoy marital sex, mutually with their husbands.

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Women are also expected to be supportive of their husband in the church and at home. This function is also stipulated in the bible and is observed to be followed even in present day American households. Among other functions, the woman is expected to take interest in the activities of the man and be a good listener so that they could both share their problems.


Research Paper on Functions of Women in USA Christianity Assignment

The roles of women in religious circles differ from one faith to another. However, the role of women in Christianity has been widely misunderstood. The role of women in modern Christianity is not as low as many people would imagine. In fact, in some spheres, women have been noted to have more important roles than men (Beaver, 1977). In the U.S.A., the functions of women and men are different in the Christian faith. For example, a lot of women revolutionists in the 20th century like Gloria Steinem are Christian women and this is not by accident.

Christian faiths in other societies, like the Jewish, have always accorded women enough respect. The functions of women are no less equal from men. In fact, the equality of men and women stems from the highest point of Christianity which is God. According to the Christian faith, both men and women were created in the image of God. Some of Jewish Rabbis who comprise a good section of the American population have been noted to refer to the wisdom of their wives on matters of Jewish law (Edwards, 1997).

In some USA Christian quarters, women have in the past been observed as lazy, jealous, high level gossipers and gluttonies. In the past, women had been discouraged from pursuing self developing initiatives like higher education or scaling up religious ladders. This trend has however changed in present day USA but most of such setbacks on women was primarily aimed at ensuring women perform their traditional functions of wives and mothers. 100 years ago, Christian women in USA never had the privilege of owning property, getting into contracts or inheriting property. However, there have been a lot of strides covered by women in the society today and this study seeks to evaluate them.

Role of Wife and Mother

Without doubt, the traditional function of women in the Christian faith is to act as a mother and wife. Present day modern Christianity has however been affected by gender equality movements; whereby women have become more independent than they were 100 years ago. Divorce has been more dominant in many USA households than it was in the past. This has therefore changed the function of women as wives because they now play the role of both husband and wife (Hull, 1994).

However, the function of women as keepers of the household hasn't changed. This is the reason why the role of women as mothers hasn't changed since the start of time. In some Christian quarters in the U.S.A., the role of women as mothers and wives has been deemed more important; such that, these duties cannot be postponed to fulfill a commandment (Rappaport, 2001). For example, it would look ridiculous for a woman to drop a baby just to fulfill a commandment.

This exemption of women from commandment related obligations has thrown the understanding of women functions in Christianity in disarray. Most people have therefore viewed this exemption of women as a prohibition to the sanctity of Christianity. This exemption has also contradicted the functions of women in the church because most orthodox Christians in the U.S.A. have the view that women have no duties in the church. The misconception revolves around the assumption that Christian duties revolve around the church. The heart of the matter is that, the role of women in USA Christianity revolves around the home and is equally as important as the man's (Wessinger, 1996).

The functions of women in the church

Christians in the U.S.A. And around the world are more privileged if they observe the Ten Commandments as stipulated in the bible (West, 2006). Therefore, the more commandments a woman is noted to observe, the more privileged she is. However, the exemption of women to adhere to certain commandments does not count for collective group purposes (West, 2006). Even though women pray the same prayers as men do, in silence, the role of women in prayer is not the same in the church.

This is true in most churches, but some of them are more liberal to allow for equal roles of prayer across gender. In some Christian faiths, the functions of women are limited; in the sense that, women cannot lead services (like in the Jewish culture). Because of such diminishing roles of some Christian churches in the U.S.A., many women have been noted to skip services (Wessinger, 1996).


In present day Christianity, marital sex has been a designated right of the woman in USA. This is contrary to most perceptions that marital sex is a preserved right of the man. Men therefore don't have the right to beat or abuse their wives. Strong legislative barriers have been implemented in the recent past to ensure women are insulated from such abuses. This is also observed in most Christian churches around the globe.

The Christian American society has therefore treated cases such as rape and an infringement on the right or consent of the woman. This assumption is however upheld in Christianity and the law, even if the woman consented to it or not. However, the women have to go through suspicion from the society such as whether she consented to it or not. The relationship between men and women in Christian marriages is therefore expected to be mutual with both consents. In the absence of this, forced sexual relations are assumed to amount to rape and this could become a criminal offence (Indiana University, 2010).


The function of women as being supportive of their husbands stems from the bible. Even in present day USA, most churches encourage their women congregation to be supportive of their husbands in the church and out of home. This role is however outlined by the woman taking an interest in the way the husband does his work. This way, the woman can be able to identify areas the man needs support and lend a helping hand.

The man should also be able to talk over his problems with the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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