Fundamentals of Psychology Essay

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Adults pass traits down to their children from one generation to another through transmitting genes. Genes however do not provide an accurate direction on how a child will behave but rather map up the potential outcomes. Genes direct the occurrence of some inherited physical characteristics such as hair color, height and so on. However there are some behaviors which can be inherited such as anxiety, depression, smoking, and intelligence and so on. The inheritance of these genes which produce these behavior tendencies does not guarantee that these behaviors will actually occur in an individual. These genes affect the development of the nervous and endocrine system and how they operate which in turn influences the likelihood of the occurrence of a certain behavior under certain circumstances (Powell, 2014).

An individual's behavior is determined by the environment and the social influences of the environment which they live in. An individual that lives around a violent environment will end up developing violent behaviors. This is because they learn from what is around them and hence their behavior is determined by what they see around them each day (Powell, 2014).

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I believe that nurture provides a stronger behavior on an individual than nature. This is because what is around an individual greatly impacts how they end up being. This is because the environment has a strong impact on people and people to go by what is the norm within the environment. People are easily influenced by peers and one can move from being a simple quiet individual to a talkative person due to the fact that the people he or she lives around are also talkative.


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TOPIC: Essay on Fundamentals of Psychology Assignment

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