Further and Higher Education Act A-Level Outline Answer

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Higher Education: The Further and Higher Education Act

The Further and Higher Education Act: Higher Education

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TOPIC: A-Level Outline Answer on The Further and Higher Education Act Higher Education Assignment

The Further and Higher Education Act of 1992 was passed by the British government in 1992 with the aim of changing the way higher education is funded and administered in England and Wales. One of its core objectives was to transform further education colleges into corporate bodies and hence, take them away from the control of local education authorities to that of the Further Education Funding Councils. This was geared at ensuring that such colleges were better-funded, lecturers had better terms and conditions of employment, and the quality of education offered was higher. The second aim of the Act was to abolish the binary divide that characterized the higher education sector, and to allow polytechnics to take on the title of 'university'. This brought them under the coverage of the Higher Education Funding Council, according them better opportunities to improve their funding sources and to consequently offer higher-quality education to students. The third… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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