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¶ … Career in Civil Engineering

To me, no career could be more interesting than one that lets me serve larger society by pursuing my passion for the design of objects on a large scale. It is this attraction to the inner workings of complex everyday objects like busy roadways and towering skyscrapers that draws me to civil engineering as a career. The importance of civil engineering to society will also allow me to serve the greater good. On a more practical note, the strong continuing job prospects and financial rewards of civil engineering are excellent, furthering my desire to choose a career among the design of amazingly intricate objects like airports, sewage systems, roads, and airports.

First, it is the importance of civil engineering to society that makes civil engineering an intriguing career choice for me. Civil engineers are responsible for the design and supervision of tunnels, dams, bridges, airports, sewage systems, roads, and airports would never have been built. Without the civil engineer, we would not be able to drive to work on a well-designed freeway, enjoy efficient sewage systems, or even work in the high-rises that grace most cities worldwide.

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Because civil engineering is one of the most important careers in modern society, it appeals strongly to my desire to contribute to larger society. As a civil engineer, I would have the opportunity to design buildings that keep their inhabitants comfortable and safe, or to build roadways that are efficient and structurally sound. I am strongly drawn to the idea of being one of the forces responsible for ensuring our day-to-day lives are efficient and productive. One of the greatest accomplishments that I can imagine would be to see the efforts of my job enjoyed by thousands of people on a daily basis.

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The second important draw of a civil engineering career is the practical financial and career aspects of the job. The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the median annual wage for civil engineers in 2002 was $60,000. Although… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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