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[. . .] These ideals have also been important considerations in the raising of my son. I wish for him to possess these qualities and my experience in Iraq will allow me to explicitly illustrate to him the importance of such characteristics. Therefore, though my time in the Middle East was unquestionably life-threatening, the lifelong friends I made and the personal growth results I have accumulated certainly made this combat voyage very meaningful and worthwhile.

After returning from my tour in Iraq, I was honorably discharged from the Army and secured employment in the sales department of a furniture company back in New York. This was also the time that I began my journey into higher education at Long Island University. My job responsibilities have helped me gain crucial knowledge of sales tactics and the inner-workings of a small business. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with customers and engaging in business transactions. Knowing the proper means of cooperating with customers and coworkers has helped me to bolster my sales numbers and increase my commissions. Being that so many jobs and personal endeavors involve the collaboration with sales-related professionals, this experience has certainly aided in my growth as a responsible adult and family man.

My college experience has been equally vital in my development both personally and professionally. I have chosen to study Criminal Justice at my university and have subsequently learned a great deal about our nation's functioning judicial system. I am fascinated by the various intricacies and foundational structures of the legal world, and my thirst for such knowledge continues to grow. My service time helped to teach me about the meaningfulness of fair and equitable policies for all, and I aim to help to promote this notion throughout the judicial arena. My love of my country has also been a key factor in my deciding to pursue this educational channel. I believe that the successful adherence to and furthering of this nation's constitutional cornerstones truly depends on the efficient operation of the judicial branch of America's government. Through my development of this belief system, I have become extremely passionate about my studies. Accordingly, I have been very successful in the classroom. My grades accurately reflect my enjoyment of the subject matter and my yearning for supplementary knowledge.

Because of my love for my major and its relevant topical curriculum, I have decided to apply for Law School upon graduation. With my thirst for further knowledge, and the self-discipline and determination I have garnered from my time in the military, I believe I will make an ideal candidate for success in this educational environment. The rigorous course work, time demands and outside-the-classroom dedication required in Law School appropriately suits my desires to further my legal education. And though the aforementioned scholastic traits will unquestionably make for a difficult voyage, I am confident that my background has adequately prepared me for ultimate triumph. I have already begun preparations for the LSAT exam required for Law School admission. Once again, due to the deductive and tactical nature of this test, I know that my military mindset will assist me in conquering this rigorous assessment. And with a law degree, I know that I will be much better equipped to make a difference in the legal world. I strive to provide justice to those deserving of it, and this qualification is simply a tool for achieving my goal.

After completing Law School I hope to apply for a position in the Judge Advocate General's Corps. (JAG). This is basically considered to be the legal wing of the military (though the military judicial system is a bit different in that commanding officers can also instill punishments). Since I gained a myriad of critical life skills and aspirations during my service time, I feel like this would be an ideal position for me. I can bring a wealth of previous knowledge concerning military operations and standards of conduct. However, I am also aware that this is a highly competitive program and I must achieve great levels of success in Law School in order to be considered. Nevertheless, I am confident that I can earn a spot in this coveted group. As previously mentioned, I am very passionate about the armed forces and I enjoy the military lifestyle. Even though JAG officers typically earn less than their private practice counterparts, the experience I will gain from a position in the JAG Corps. will be invaluable. Unlike attorneys in private firms, the JAG program will allow me to be exposed to various types of law. Private practice attorneys, on the other hand, are assigned or forced to choose a specialty, which will comprise the vast majority of their future legal experience. Thus, gaining legal experience in multiple fields will allow me to determine that areas of law that I most enjoy, giving me the option to move to a specialized private practice of my choosing later in my career. Also, despite the fact that I am very comfortable with regular military life, the lifestyle of a JAG officer is quite a bit more prestigious. JAG personnel are treated like professionals in the military world, because they have taken the time to earn professional degrees. However, I will not be naive enough to believe that I will be operating above the standards dictated in the military oath JAG officers are required to take. This pledge states that all JAG officers are first and foremost military officers (not lawyers). Therefore, I would be foolish to assume that I will never again be forced to relocate to a combat area. While this may be somewhat rare, JAG officers have been sent to combat zones to advise commanders on issues such as targeting, the Law of Armed Conflict, interpreting United States foreign policy and International Law, and application of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, among other things. Knowing the various demands and considerations necessary for this type of occupation, I still feel like I would enjoy such a position and achieve high levels of success.

Ultimately, I feel like my family and my extended service time have been extremely critical in shaping the man I am today. Such experiences have also helped me to determine my life goals, and the means by which I hope to achieve them. Throughout my life, my family has been very supportive of my ambitions and has helped my to focus my energy on the meaningful aspects of life. Now that I am starting a family of my own, I hope I can have an equally profound effect on the lives of my wife and son. I am certainly willing to work as hard as I possibly can and do whatever else it takes to provide for my family. And I hope that my support of their healthy decisions and my helpful guidance (fostered through my own life experiences) will give them all of the opportunities that… [END OF PREVIEW]

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