Future of Health Informatics Research Paper

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Future of Healthcare Informatics: Real-Time Analytics on Tablet PCs

The rapid growth of the Apple iPad and iPad 2 have revolutionized healthcare, making it possible for physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals to have vital health data at their fingertips. The adoption of tablet PCs continues to accelerate, yet questions remain with regard to their durability and breadth of application support (Lee, 2006). The future of healthcare informatics however is in the areas of real-time patient-based analytics and vital sign monitoring. The proposed new nursing-related technology is a tablet-based analytics software application capable of integrating patient-based vital signs with overall statistics and analytical data for the treatment plan itself. The integration of data sets and analytics is the most difficult yet the most valuable of all emerging areas of healthcare informatics (Machluf, Pirogovsky, Palma, et.al., 2012).

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Research Paper on Future of Health Informatics Assignment

Creating a highly effective user experience for healthcare professionals in an analytics application can be daunting. Adding in the need for rugged construction from case and more importantly, workflow design standpoint, is crucial for any new, innovative product to be accepted and adopted across a broad base of healthcare professionals (Machluf, Pirogovsky, Palma, et.al., 2012). There is also the need for designing in the ability to create highly personalized profiles for each of the healthcare professionals using the system at any point in time, providing them with real time status updates on patient vital signs, treatment plan progress and how the overall treatment strategies hospital-wide are progressing. Having these three core metrics on a tablet PC would immediately save hundreds of hours over a given year, where nurses and support staff for a physician need to complete these analyses and integrate them into… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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