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[. . .] Morgause in has become very pleased that the three awkward knights have landed sonce they have no idea that England is at war with Orkney. She the decides to take advantage of their ignorance and makes the effort to make them fall in love with her. She does this by attempts to have an unsuccessful unicorn hunt with the knights.

Her sons have their own secret as well; they consult St. Toirdelbach and then endeavor to catch a live unicorn to present to their mother. They almost prosper but Agravaine has the unicorn killed and then in a fit of rage (the boy's secret was pretending the virgin who enticed the unicorn was their mother and Agravaine reviled the unicorn for putting it hands on their "mother").

But it seems, in tragedy, that innocence is not enough." (Chapter 14, pg. 323)


As mentioned earlier, Morgause goal and desires was to try and destruct Artur her half btother.Gawaine, Gaheris, Gareth, and Agravaine, who long for their mother Morgause to love them, set out to find ways to win her love. Their goals and desire to get their mother to love them pushed them overboard, especially when they used their virgin maid. The boys make their plans, and Agravaine seems the most interested in making people do what he wants. He suggests that they drive the unicorn home with sticks, then ads, "We could hit Meg too." (Chapter 7, pg. 265)

Now, in their love, which was stronger, there were the seeds of hatred and fear and confusion growing at the same time..." (Chapter 15, pg. 403)

Relationships -- conflicts, effects, maturation, development, etc.

The Queens boys decided that they can at least bring the unicorn's head to their mother, so, miserably, they hack it off. But when they finally get it to the castle, Morgause is too busy with Sir Gummier to even notice them. This was conflict among them because they believe their mother has abandoned them.

"What was our mother at doing," asked Gawaine, as they made their way toward St. Toirdealbhach's cell one morning, "with the knights on the mountain?" (Chapter 7 page190)

"She has forgotten us," said Agravaine bitterly. "She has not so. You are not to speak in that way of our mother." (Chapter 7-page 193)

Then there is conflict among the brothers concerning getting back at their mother.

"I do not care if he does kill me. What I say is true." (Chapter 8-page 213)


Arthur summons Kay and Sir Ector Merlyn and talks about his ideas on chivalry. He says that he has suddenly realized that Merlyn, even though he doesn't agree with fighting, is helping Arthur win the war against Lot and the other aggressors so that he can then stop war from being the solution to everything.

Arthur says that once he gets control of his country, he will stop the murder and thieving that the powerful people have been subjecting the weaker ones to. "Why can't you harness Might so that it works for Right?" he asks (Chapter 6, pg. 254) this shows here Merlyn seems to finally believe that Arthur is thinking right regarding chivalry.

"That seems to me to be inconsistent. Why does he help me to fight wars, if they are bad things?" (Chapter 6. Pg. 188)

"My idea is that if we can win this battle in front of us, and get a firm hold of the country, then I will institute a sort of order of chivalry. I will not punish the bad knights," (Chapter 6. Pg. 189)

The ideal of Camelot and the Round Table

Arthur conceives of the Round Table in "The Queen of Air and Darkness" about the same time that he has an epiphany about what is right and might. Throughout the rest of the novel, the Round Table is a physical manifestation of Arthur's sense of fairness and justice. The table is designed so that the king's knights will not squabble over rank -- there is no head of the table for the best knight to claim as his own. At the round table, Arthur does not want to create disagreements among knights since he wants them to stick together in their battle to maintain peace in [END OF PREVIEW]

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