Future Work Environment, the Generation of HR Term Paper

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¶ … future work environment, the generation of HR is emerging as a filed that combines activities and processes of HRM and OD? Discuss this?

HR can be defined as 'Human Resources', and it is in general, a part of the Oracle E- Business suite. (Definition of HR) Today, HR is combining the processes of HRM and of OD so that organizations can be run better and more effectively and efficiently. The fact is that even though the field of Human Resources may be the most 'misunderstood' of all fields of a corporate world, it must be remembered that it is one of the most important of all fields of operation within an organization, and also the most necessary or essential and important field in the working of an organization. (Wisegeek, what are HR resources?)

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Term Paper on Future Work Environment, the Generation of HR Assignment

Those people who work in the field of Human resources are responsible for the hiring and the firing of various employees, and they are also held responsible for contacting the job references of those applying for jobs in the organization, and for taking care of employee benefits within the firm. It goes without saying that when an individual wants to work in Human Resources, he must inevitably be a 'people person', because he would be the person who would have to look after the benefits of all the employees in a firm, and today, as compared to about a decade ago, human resources has become an extremely important area of work within an organization. When yesterday these people worked behind the scenes, managing personnel records and employee benefits, today they are responsible for the staffing of large corporations, which is an important feat in today's work environment. (Wisegeek, what are HR resources?) HRM, on… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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