Essay: Galt's Gulch and a Strike

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[. . .] 3. Are there contradictions in the philosophy of life proposed by those in Galt's Gulch? How about their concepts behind their strike against the rest of the world?

According to John Galt, within their society no man owes the others anything. Objectivism declares that human beings are responsible for their own happiness and that the rights of the individual are all that matter. In all things, a man must think of himself and for himself first and others only in their relationship to himself and the pursuit of his own happiness. The other part of the objectivist thought states that productive achievements are the noblest actions that a person can pursue. Within the society, the people of Galt's Gulch philosophize about how they pay each other rent for everything that is borrowed and that they are responsible for paying their rents to their landlords for when they stay at a home. This makes a person question about what might happen in the event that a person no longer had the means to pay the rent. For example, Gulch rents a car from another person within the community because he does not have one of his own. But, what happens if he needed that car and did not have the means to rent it? Gulch falls in love with a woman and says that he would take her love despite the fact that it would harm someone whom he cares about. The problem then is how can anyone truly love another or care for another? If the pursuit of individual happiness is all that is ever of concern, then it means that invariable someone else at some point will bear the brunt of another man's pursuance of happiness. In striking against the rest of the world, the men are intent to protect themselves and their interests. They avow that they are waiting until the corrupt world that they left has completely crumbled. They will then rise from their self-imposed exile and take up control of the outside world. In removing themselves, they denied other men the ability to achieve their own happiness. In fact, they doomed all of mankind outside of the Gulch and take no responsibility for the repercussions of their actions to others. Without dependence or connection to other men, what is the point of human interaction?

4. Would the concept of mutual benefit with business dealings, without outside interference (government regulation, etc.) function in the real world? Why or why not?

In theory, we can say that if there were no outside interference, no government to tell people what to do and how they must conduct their business affairs, then it would be far better. There was a time when men and women were able to formulate their own business dealings, such as in the time of bartering and trade. The government and watchdog groups currently are inextricably linked to business. Government has influence on the ways businesses are conducted, on the value put upon certain things which allows for an equitable trade, and makes sure that in the business transactions all parties are dealt with fairly. Without government intervention, what very often happens is that one business receives a far greater deal than the opposing sides. Before government intervention, there were the large conglomerations and trusts which dominated certain industries and made it impossible for small businesses to compete. The trusts would make it so that the companies could charge whatever they wanted for goods and services and if they were an industry which people needed the population could very easily become destitute. For example, if the medical profession could charge whatever they wanted for insulin, diabetics would still have to pay it r they would die, even if this meant they could not afford rent or food. Either choice leads to destitution and death. When people change from individuals to large and all-controlling businesses, then they can literally control the world at least from the perspectives of the individuals that they interact with. Without regulation mutual benefit may function, but not for long because one side will invariably overpower the others.

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