Gambling in the Asian-American Community Term Paper

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In addition, gaming has become much more socially acceptable today in all cultures, and since the Asian culture has enjoyed a long history of gaming and games of chance, it is quite normal that Asians around the world continue to gamble and visit casinos. For Asians especially, gambling is more socially acceptable than other forms of societal vice. As one expert states, "Gambling is a more socially acceptable form of recreation than drugs and alcohol,' Lee said. 'While narcotic addictions are very taboo, gambling is accepted and even celebrated culturally and in the media'" (Banerjee). As gambling has spread around the United States (today, it is only completely illegal in Utah and Hawaii), it is more available to more people, and more people are gambling on a regular basis, including Asians. Macau, the colony near Hong Kong, caters almost exclusively to Asian gamblers, and many casinos in Las Vegas do the same. Today, it is much easier to gamble in just about any state in the union, and around the world, and more Asians are gambling all the time, which ultimately leads to more problems and societal difficulties with Asians who gamble heavily.

The Effects of Asian Gambling

Asians who gamble add millions of dollars to the economies of the world, and many areas that specialize in gambling cater more and more to Asian audiences. This is nowhere more true than in America, which is becoming increasingly addicted to gaming of all sorts. One researcher notes,

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In 1997 consumers in America were spending more than $50.9 billion gambling. More than one of every ten dollars spent on leisure activities was spent gambling, with more money being spent on gambling than was being spent on tickets to sporting events, movies, theme parks, video games, and recorded music combined (Platz and Millar).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Gambling in the Asian-American Community. Assignment

As gaming increases throughout America, it is also increasing in Asian-American households, and some Asians are becoming increasingly addicted to gaming, which is affecting their communities and their families. Problem Asian gambling is effectively destroying families and society in many Asian-American households. Problem gambling is a disease, just as any other addictive behavior is a disease, and it is difficult to stop. Many studies have shown that treatment of Asian gamblers must begin with an understanding of Asian culture and context. "The majority of both samples considered it necessary for those providing services to Chinese problem gamblers to understand Chinese culture. Providers who understand Chinese culture will be better equipped to treat problem gamblers within the appropriate social and cultural context" ("Cultural Context"). Thus, in areas with a high Asian population, social services must include an understanding of Asian culture and beliefs to effectively work with problem gamblers who are Asian, and want to stop their addictive behavior, otherwise, their treatment may not work. In addition, many members of Asian-American communities recognize gambling is a growing concern in their culture. On survey found,

70% of 1,800 Chinese-Americans surveyed in San Francisco believed that gambling was a serious problem in their community. Another informal study conducted by two U.C. Berkeley students the same year, which surveyed over 150 people in Portsmouth Square, found that 30% of them said they gambled once a week or more, 14.7% identified themselves as problem gamblers, and 21% of survey respondents met the criteria for pathologic gambling (Banerjee).

Problem gambling can result in family strife, domestic violence, job loss, financial and credit crisis, and even suicide by despondent gamblers who see no way out of their addiction. Problem gambling is a several societal difficulty for the entire country, and for a great many Asians who find it has a long history in their society and cultural beliefs.

In conclusion, gaming has been a part of Asian culture for centuries, and much of it comes from ancient superstitions and beliefs about luck, wealth, and games of chance. Many Asians today are facing serious problems because of gambling addictions, and as gaming continues to spread across our cultural landscape, it would not be surprising if these problems continue to grow. Asian gambling is simply a symptom of the gambling mentality affecting our culture today. We continue to chase "Lady Luck" as a short-term financial solution, and the gaming industry helps keep this myth of easy money alive in their marketing and image to tourists. Gaming seems like an easy way to end our fiscal troubles, but when taken to the extreme, it can be a deadly form of entertainment that seems especially attractive to many members of the Asian communities.


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