Game Design Thesis

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Game Design

Computer or video games have been around for about six decades, and during the time they had experienced a constant evolution. It all started in 1952 with a.S. Douglas writing a PhD Degree at the University of Cambridge in which he created the first graphical computer game. With time, computer and video games have continuously improved and more and more people grew fond of playing. In the present there are millions of people worldwide passionate in playing and the most renowned computer games are online RPG's.

The gaming industry has already surpassed the movie industry when concerning the sales that each of them has had in the last few years. There are numerous game types which differ through several ways, from the manner in which each game is played to the age and gender that the game is intended for. In a First Person Shooter the player needs to be vigilant in order for him to score more frags than his adversaries. During a Strategy game, the player needs to pay a lot of attention to the way that he evolves and to the way that he controls his characters. The online Role Playing Games have appeared as a result of people wanting to get more involved in the game and in the same time to socialize with other people around the world.

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There are hundreds and maybe thousands of computer/video game genres, but game producers have recently started to concentrate their strength in making games in which the player would get more involved. As most of the early games had the player playing missions already set according to the game's script, the need for a more complex game story was beginning to show with players visibly enjoying the parts of the game in which they could intervene and change the whole set as they wanted to. Thus, the player-centric approach had been born and now game producers had began to make several scripts for a game. For example, games in which the player could chose whether he or she wanted their character to be evil or good had been invented.

TOPIC: Thesis on Game Design Assignment

Players now felt that they had more control of the game and that older games had been too rigid when regarding their scripts.

In an advanced computer/video game in the present, the player has access to choosing all that he wants for his character. One can have the game's character having the exact nature that his owner wants for it. The player can choose the exact gender, height, body weight, and numerous other characteristics can be influenced.

Designing player-centric games takes a lot of work, as the designers needs to focus on all the details in order to avoid making any mistakes when creating the game. A player-centric game is very different to a usual game due to the fact that it involves a much more elaborate script.

The video/computer games producers needed to come with a solution to attract more people because the traditional games had become uninteresting with the player always doing the same thing without having the chance of intervening. Thus, new concepts appeared, and game creators grow to be more dedicated to their clients, that in their turn received better games which drew people into bringing their emotions and their ideas in the games.

Game producers also had the new task of attracting new players instead of creating games which would only be appreciated by the old customers. The market had been studied in order to find out the exact requests of players everywhere. For a game to have success it has to meet the exact requirements of the selected kind of players with no regards to what critics might consider. One of the most common mistakes made by game producers is that they tend to make games that would be appreciated by the general public not considering what the game's fans might believe. In order for the game sequel to also attract the fans of its previous series, tests need to be done by experts so as to determine all the bugs that the game has and all that is wrong about the script. The new player-centric have definitely revolutionized the world of video/computer gaming by taking players to a whole new level of playing.

People have played games ever since the beginning of time for the reason that the games were a way to release stress or to socially develop. Games had evolved and had become more complex along with the evolution of mankind. People now have access to any type of game and games have become more complex and appealing for the public.

Games are somewhat similar to stories and toys when regarding their purpose. The difference in a game is that one can both control his actions during the game, as in the case of a toy, and receive a creative feedback from the game producer, as in the case of the story teller. Normally, people have the computer as an adversary in earlier games, but, with the help of the internet, people can interact with other people online.

The best games are considered to be those in which a conflict takes place, as people love to encounter difficulty while pursuing a goal. The difficulty that appears is represented through various obstacles, passive or active. There are also more peaceful games, which do not involve any kind of conflict. Surprisingly though, people are not fond of games in which divergences don't occur, and thus the respective type of games did not experience success in sales.

Designing a game is a very remarkable job, as it implies both creating art and working with technology. A game designer generally has the job that any fanatical gamer would wish for, since his profession would imply working in a gaming environment where he would put his creativity to test. Despite the fact that it seems easy being a game designer, the job is actually very delicate, with little people being able to combine an artistic atmosphere with a technical one.

The first step in designing a game is choosing a topic and a desired ending for the respective topic. There are game designers which refrain from choosing a game and a goal and, as a result, the games produced are not a success or the designers decide to abandon the projects during the designing process.

The target of the game needs to be carefully planed so that the designer will know what kinds of sentiments the game will trigger in the player. It is also extremely difficult for a designer to create a game because in the process a lot of ideas would have to be abandoned in order for new or better ones to replace them. During game play, the importance of the game's goal becomes apparent and the player is influenced by all the actions in the game. There is no actual rule to help in selecting a goal for the game given that the designer is the only one capable of deciding the goal. The goal is usually the designer's unique touch, the method through which he or she would create a distinctive work of art. The nature of a game does not necessarily have to be the same as the nature of its designer. For example, a strategy game does not automatically have to have a general as its designer in order for it to be good. The best process in designing a game is to choose a topic only after choosing the goal for it due to the reason that the action of the game can be based on the goal.

Consequent to having selected the goal and the topic for the game, one needs to begin strong research on the subject. Along with studying the subject, one needs to consider all the details of his or her choice and to bring both pro and anti-arguments. In spite of a topic which initially seems as suitable for a game, the designer might discover with time that there is not enough material on the subject to support the whole length of the game.

Writing the story of a game can be as resource and time consuming as writing a novel. The designer needs to concentrate and to search as many sources of inspiration as possible.

After successfully determining the story of the game, the designer needs to begin the actual design of the game. Doing this, the designer would have to come up with what he or she believes would be good when considering the game play, the technology used, and an aspect which would attract the player.

According to Chris Crawford, the design process can be divided into three parts: the I/O structure, the game structure, and the program structure. The I/O structure refers to the data sent from the program to the player. The game structure refers to the impediments that the player encounters during game play. The program structure refers to the basis of the program… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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