Gamelan Music Research Paper

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It does take more than one exposure to be able to pick out the layers, or even the harmony because of the intricate nature and complexity of the style. Within these orchestra "themes," though, no performance is the same, because the individual musicians are trained to improvise, dialog, and create a unique performance based on their own emotional experience at the time. In addition, the gamelan experience is also enhanced both visually and emotionally by the use of puppets. These puppet shows accentuate Javanese myth, and also introduce younger listeners to their past.

Examples of Gamelan Styles

1. The Soundscape Gamelan At Soundscape:

2. Compositions, technique, world Balinese music:

3. Traditional Examples of gamelan:

4. Education presentation with audio examples: http:/ /


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Gamelan Music Overview- the Gamelan Assignment

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