Gang Membership Multiple Chapters

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Gang Membership

A gang involves persons who have a similar identity and have a common purpose. A gang as per the description is just an association of people. However, the word is so much associated with specific groups whose intentions and activities are criminal in nature (Cummings, 1993). Thus with time the definition has changed to a group of such individuals perpetrate crime.

There are different types of gangs, a delinquent youth gang, is a loosely prearranged group of young persons, usually juveniles, and/or young adults who participate in undesirable behavior frequently attract attention from authority. A traditionally turf-based gang, is loosely structured group that is usually committed to just preventing or protecting its status as a group. It is mainly associated with territories and is formed as a counter measure to an intruding rival gang. It can be made of juveniles or adults. It also may have identified signs.

The third type is known as gain-oriented gang and may be well organized or loose. It consists of mainly young adults or juveniles from age 15 years and sometimes adults. They are involved in criminal actions for economic gain (Marcovitz, 2010). They involve activities such as robbery, burglary or sale of banned substances such as drugs. The last main type of gang is violent gang, which consists of juveniles or adults and is for carrying out assault activities. Most of its members usually are persons who have been involved in violence before joining the group, either as victims or perpetrators.

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From these different types of gangs, it is evident that most gang members are young persons, usually from age 15 years and above. In many societies, the males are the most persons associated with joining gangs (Marcovitz, 2010). However, the ladies are not exception. The females also form their own gangs or join up the male gangs as most are friends and sympathizers of the gang members. However, most gangs are of young people, ranging from age 13 years to about thirty five years. Also, the gangs consist of members of the same age group, and as the age increases, female gang members' decrease in number.

TOPIC: Multiple Chapters on Gang Membership Assignment

There are various reasons that contribute to these persons joining and forming gangs. Such factors range from simple reasons to complex (Cummings, 1993). The reasons are that a gang provides a sense of belonging. This is especially where the young people feel that they do not get enough attention and support from their home and families. The gang becomes family to that person. Another reason is the need for money; most young people are jobless, or have no financial support from their families. Also, persons from poor backgrounds are prone to joining the gangs because of this reason. The gangs through its activities raise funds through illegal activities, which it uses to support its members.

Desire for protection especially in neighborhoods or schools is also another reason for joining gangs. It is easier for a person to join the gang than to remain alone vulnerable to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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