Gang Prevention as Education Levels Essay

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These programs have had success in the past because it emphasizes the need to reroute the thinking of many of the individuals residing in lower income communities. They are trained to think that violence is not the only means for survival, despite the contradiction from their environment and surroundings.

The need to educate the public on gang crime prevention does not solely exist in the communities that are constantly battling gang violence; the need also exists in suburban or middle to upper class communities. Much of the lack of support toward improving the educational system in the inner city communities is due to the misunderstanding of the aspects that lead to gang formation in the first place. Because most of these urban communities are occupied by a large majority of ethnic minorities, individuals living in the richer towns associate violence with ethnic status. Although both concepts are correlated in the sense that income level is highly tied to race and ethnicity, one does not cause the other (Esbensen, 2000). It is the environment and lack of proper financial support that lead inner city individuals to become members of gangs and participate in illegal activities. If the public who are not directly experiencing these daily occurrences were to become more aware of the actual situation, as well as ways to reduce these occurrences, then more resources could be diverted to places that actually need them.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Gang Prevention as Education Levels Assignment

As previously stated, education is a way for people to become exposed to the various academic prospects that exist. However, it is also a way to allow people to become more aware of social issues. On each extreme end, children are sheltered from the reality of certain communities. Income levels have plenty to do with this notion. Parents of children who grow up in the suburbs may not want their children exposed to the harsh conditions that many neighboring cities are experiencing; it is a mechanism used to protect their children's innocence. On the other extreme end, there are the children who grow up in the inner cities. These children grow up to believe that their environment is their reality. Because without education they would have no way of knowing otherwise, urban children are often left thinking that joining a gang is the only way to gain a protective community. Educational programs will indeed help both sides understand what the other is going through. It will also provide individuals with enough exposure into opposing worlds, that both sides will be motivated into doing something for the growing societal concerns. Educating the public will be the only way to reduce gang-related crime and violence.


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