Gang Rape on Facebook Essay

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It seems unlikely that if the group had been taught to treat women with sexual respect and to take responsibility for the consequences of sex, that even a group-mentality would have caused 19 men to assault an eleven-year-old child.


Falkenberg, L. (2011, March 17). All that matters about victim: She is a child;; Attorney: A

revolting strategy at work. Houston Chronicle, p. A1.

Horswell, C. (2011, March 11). Cleveland on edge after rape charges;; Racial tensions that simmered before alleged assault now at a boil;; Case: Quannell X claims race a factor in some arrests. Houston Chronicle, p. A1.

Horswell, C. (2011, March 27). A look at 19 accused in rape of girl:: Group charged in Cleveland has some with clean records, other known by the law;; Case: Their stories seep out through Facebook Pages. Houston Chronicle, p. A1.

Horswell, C. (2011, March 17). RECORDS: gang rape not just on single day;; Court papers say

Cleveland girl, 11, was assaulted on 4 days over 3 months;; Rape: Other charges possible if phones have explicit images. Houston Chronicle, p. A1.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Gang Rape on Facebook Gang Assignment

Horswell, C. And Carroll, S. (2011, April 2). For 11-year-old's family, 'It's…
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