Gang Violence in Canada Essay

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S. It has been reported that in Canada in 2008, 1 in 4 homicides committed were gang-related, an 9% increase from 16% in 2005 ("Gangs and Guns").

Though gang violence is not exclusive to aboriginal gangs, violence and crime committed by these gangs has risen in recent years. Aboriginal gangs in Canada have gained prominence in the media due to their involvement in violent shootings and slayings, as well as their involvement in the 2009 Vancouver gang war (Bolan). Aboriginal gangs often participate in drug distribution, prostitution and theft. At a recent conference, it was predicted that aboriginal youth gang membership was going to double within the next ten years. Though aborigines only make up 2.8% of the Canadian population, they make up 18% of the people incarcerated in federal penitentiaries, with the number increasing to 50% in the prairie provinces (Andrews).

Gang dynamics are continuously changing and even though certain gangs may be considered more dangerous than others, much gang presence in communities continues to decline and change through police and community efforts, and unfortunately through increased competition by rival gangs. Though gang violence cannot be eradicated in Canada, steps and programs can be introduced to youths to help deter them from joining gangs and also to raise awareness of gang activity in the community and what steps can be taken to deter criminal activity (Bolan).

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