Gangs of New York Film Research Paper

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The weak and underprivileged in the society encounters numerous social problems from those with strong muscles in the society, in terms of economical and political phenomenon.

In my opinion, this film is effective in addressing racism and ethnicity issues because the setting of the movie and the period is similar to the periods when such evils occurred. In addition, the director employs the element of realism, in that, every activity going on in Five Point reflects the real thing happening in societies suffering from ethnicity and racism. Living in a society where there is no peace, equality and all the other human qualities is risky since it is difficult to determine your destiny.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Gangs of New York Film Assignment

Everyone has freedom to exercise his rights without any restrictions, as long he/she does not affect the other person. Killing another person in order to feel secure or enjoy the privileges or rights propagates continuity of evil rather than preventing it. In this town, killing or rather murdering was acceptable as a way to repay for bad deeds committed. This is why Amsterdam returns in order to carry out vengeance of his dead father. This film does not offer a solution to the social problems, rather contributes to the continuity of the same problems. The solution provided by the society is…
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