Gangs Violence Stemming From Drugs Term Paper

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¶ … gang violence, focusing on drug-related violence committed by gangs. It attempts to analyze the major causes behind such violence and whether the trend of gang violence is on the increase. The communities and demographic population in which such violence is most likely to occur is also discussed besides looking at certain possible ways of preventing or lessening gang violence.

The disturbing phenomenon of gang violence in the inner American cities has been a major concern of parents, communities, and the law-enforcing agencies for many years. Of late, several studies indicate that the nature of gang violence has changed, with lethal violence being more likely related to the drug trade than to gang rivalries. One such study shows that drug related violence represents between a third and half of all gang violence. (Hagedorn, 1997). The reasons behind such a trend are multifarious and linked to the nature of youth gang culture. It is essential to take a brief look at these reasons before we can analyze and discuss some of the ways by which drug-related gang violence can be controlled.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Gangs Violence Stemming From Drugs Assignment

Most experts and psychologists equate gangs with surrogate family units. Many young people find a sense of belonging, acceptance, and attention by becoming members of a gang -- needs which are not met in their families. Witnessing of domestic violence, sexual abuse or neglect at home also perpetuates violent behavior. Other causes are peer pressure, low self-esteem, intimidation by gang members and even boredom. Add to this the attraction of profits from drug-trafficking, theft and robbery, and the spiraling gang violence becomes a logical outcome of the existing social conditions in our cities. What is more, contrary to popular belief, gangs are not just restricted to youths from disadvantaged, low-income areas. Nor do they consist of African-Americans only -- they represent all racial and ethic groups. ("Gang Awareness," n.d.). Hence, the potential negative effects of gang violence are far more serious and widespread than was previously assessed.

Having established that gangs and violence are inter-related, we will briefly try to see how drugs are related to violent acts by gangs. It does not take a whole lot of research to conclude that it is the illegal nature of the drug trade which promotes violence. Because of the absence of legal controls of drug markets, gang members use illicit means, including violence, to control customers, to defend market share, and to keep employees in line. Illegal business has always been the direct cause of violence. Remember the hay days of gang wars, mafia and Al Capone during the years following the prohibition?

Some studies indicate that drug-use is widespread among members of most youth gangs although not all gang members use drugs and the degree of drug use varies greatly. Certain drugs such as Amphetamines and Cocaine are known to promote violent behavior; hence drug use among gang members can also be cited as one of the reasons for gang violence. It has been… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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