Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals Sexuality Term Paper

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Two men involved in a consensual sexual relationships are considered gay. Two women involved in a consensual sexual relationship are considered lesbian. The term bisexual typically refers to a person who is attracted to members of both sexes, although bisexuals may be involved in monogamous relationships with members of either sex. However, the label often follows behavior, rather than attraction. For example, a homosexual who marries a member of the opposite sex and never acts on the same-sex attraction would be classified as straight by most people. In fact, programs aimed at changing sexual orientation speaks of success rates in terms of behavior changes, rather than changes in attraction. Likewise, heterosexuals may find themselves engaging in same-sex behaviors because of a lack of opportunity with members of the opposite, such as when incarcerated people engaged in same-sex behavior (Wikipedia, "Sexual Orientation").

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Obviously, definining human sexuality is a daunting task. The first issue is that there are not simply two genders. Instead, there are persons who exhibit both male and female sex characteristics. Furthermore, there are people whose chromosomes are neither male nor female. Finally, there are those who are biologically or chromosomally members of one gender, but who identify with the other gender. The second issue is that, even in cases where gender can be identified, sexual orientation is a fluid construct. Some people who identify as one sexual orientation may engage in situational sexual behavior that differs from their orientation. In addition, people may not have an identifiable sexual orientation because their orientation may have changed over time and space. It is impossible to tell someone how to view gender or sexuality because no person, even looking at behavior, genitalia, or chromosomes, can determine the gender or sexual orientation of another person.

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