Gays in the Military Essay

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Based on these challenges, those of a different sexual orientation may choose to remain closeted.

Gays From a Societal Perceptive

According to Nardi and Schneider (1998), "discrimination against lesbians and gay men finds its 'justification' in the persistent negative views many in the society hold about homosexuality." The authors in this case note that heterosexuality is considered inferior to homosexuality especially given the fact that it is impossible for gay as well as lesbian couples to procreate. In the opinion of Wolf (2004), "gay oppression hasn't always existed." This is particularly the case given that evidence (anthropological) has shown the existence of homosexual behavior in a vast majority of cultures in the past (Edlin and Golanty, 2011). This is a fact further reinforced by Wolf (2004) who notes that most pre-capitalist cultures embraced homosexual behavior. The author thus concludes that the ever-changing familial roles are to blame for the subsequent repression of gays in the society. Thus the society's view of heterosexuality as being superior to homosexuality has got to do with what it considered a natural, legate or acceptable familial union. However, the societal construct of the group's identity is slowly changing with many recognizing the need to embrace diversity.


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In conclusion, it can be noted that going forward, things seem to be looking up for gays in the labor force (particularly those in the military). This is more so the case given the repeal of the retrogressive policy which prevented openly gay individuals from serving in the military. Thus going forward, individuals will not have to lie about their sexual orientation so as to allowed to serve in the military.


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TOPIC: Essay on Gays in the Military for Assignment

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