Chapter Writing: Geert Hofstede: Cultural Dimensions

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[. . .] In terms of business this short-term orientation focuses on quick results i.e. companies are driven by quarterly results. Consumption is driven by immediate gratification, sensitivity to social trends and rituals. There's not much focus on saving. Management is based on self-reliance, personal achievement, hard work and managers are judged on short-term results.

No scores available for Indonesia and the Arab World on this dimension.

In summary, France and Italy have the most in common, both being Western, democratic societies, although France is both more authoritarian and less masculine than Italy. Both are highly individualistic and short-term in temporal orientation, though. Indonesia and the Arab World all score high on the Power Distance scale compared to Italy, which makes them more authoritarian societies. France and Italy are both highly individualistic Western societies, while Indonesia and the Arab World are collectivist cultures. Italy is by far the most masculine culture of the four, followed by the Arab world, with France and Indonesia more on the feminine side. France, Italy and the Arab World all have a high desire for avoidance of uncertainty while Indonesia scores only medium low on this index. Both France and Italy are short-term…

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