Gender and Consumerism Thomas Hine Term Paper

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In the text by Schor, one of her main points is that marketers aim to make consumers feel powerful. Power is very closely related to gender. There are a number of power dynamics connected to gender; those dynamics and their meanings shift from culture to culture. Marketers should know how each gender fits within constructions and meanings of power within each culture. In American culture, power as represented in products differs from the male gender to the female gender, and people who occupy genders outside of the primary two-gender paradigm/spectrum.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Gender & Consumerism Thomas Hine Assignment

Twitchell states that Americans love materialism and participation in materialism makes people feel good and superior. Knowing this, it makes sense that so many women are shoppers and that women enjoy shopping so much more than men. Women in American culture are subordinated to men. Women occupy lower status than men. If shopping is an activity that within some cultures, is connected to power, feelings of self-esteem, and superiority/subordination, it makes sense that women within this context would shop so much more than men. Shopping is a way for women to feel more power within a culture that subordinates them and makes them feel less superior. In large numbers and across generations, women shop to feel better and to feel less subordinated than they feel generally.
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