Gender Identity as an Intercultural Issue in International Cooperations Essay

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Intercultural Communication

Gender identity can be referred to as the inner sense that one has of being a male or female and is usually a feeling that is shaped during early childhood by the parenting system and the societal manipulation. Technically Gender identity is distinguished from the biological sex. However for most of the cases, these two are the same. Both the physiological and the social factors contribute to the establishment of identity in the early stages of life, and this is magnified by social factors as the person grows (, LLC. 2011).

The challenge of gender identity is a common phenomenon in many international corporations due to the diverse ways that the various cultures treat the people from the two genders and the significance that is attributed to the genders in the various communities. Various societies will come up with a way of allocating gender roles which again will differ from one community or society to another. It becomes even trickier for the multinationals to try to embrace the gender roles as dictated by the various and diverse communities that they encounter across different countries.

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There are three major factors that pose a challenge to the various multinationals when it comes to handling of intercultural issues and communication especially those involving the male and the female genders. These are diversity in world view, use of language and the non-verbal communication. The no verbal communication involves the use of space and time as well (Becky Mulvaney, 1994). Other areas where there emerges differences in cultural views is the assumed similarity between two culture views, preconceptions and stereotypes, tendency to evaluate, and high anxiety (Laray M. Barna, 1985).

TOPIC: Essay on Gender Identity as an Intercultural Issue in International Cooperations Assignment

The most significant factor to be considered is the use of language since it is through language that we express our desires and views of the entire world around us. Multinationals find it tricky to adapt to the use of language in various parts of the world. For instance in Britain they may use the word boot to refer to trunk. In the same way, there are countries where the female gender has been attributed the soft spoken and kind in the use of language. If a multinational has to operate in countries like Japan, then the females involved may have to follow the soft spoken and polite language use that is the gender assigned trend by the society. This can go as far as restricting the use of some words to only a given gender and not being allowed among another gender. This is one issue that international corporations have to take into very serious consideration before they send, especially staff from another country.

The issue of the world view is also significant in the daily running of the international corporations. The term world view points to the orientation that cultures expose people to in viewing things like humanity, God, nature, the world and other beliefs that are connected with being. This is a very important aspect that cannot be underestimated since it is the single thing that controls the entire direction of the life of a people in a community. It is therefore upon the international corporations to strive to understand the way the two genders in a given community are oriented to relate to God, nature and humanity. For instance in some culture and religious, women are not allowed to appear before the prayer sanctuaries, there are areas women are not… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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