Gender Norms Blake Term Paper

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They all agreed with my statement and they also looked at me differently. The sense I got was that they were looking at me as if seeing that I really had something to offer for the first time. I sensed that they considered my voicing of opinion a sign of strength and something that deserved recognition. This was not actually stated, but after the meeting I continued to have the feeling that people believed I had more to offer than before.

The reactions to my norm-breaking behaviour actually gave me a greater sense of pride. I felt like I had done something good and like I deserved the respect I seemed to be getting from people. The main feeling was a sense that I was stronger and more capable than I had previously realized.

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The first thing that I have learned from this experience is that gender norms can prevent people from really paying attention to people. I think when females take on the expected gender role of being considerate, their considerate opinions can be rejected just because they meet the norm. My opinion is that people are essentially responding by thinking, "of course she'd say that, she's a woman." I think the same applies to men and their gender norm of being tough. For example, many men have previously made statements not very different from the one I made. However, their statements have not been noticed by others like mine was. I think this is because when a male speaks in a tough manner his opinion can be rejected as being true because it can be assumed that he is only saying that because he is male. I think the main reason my statement made a difference is that people paid attention to it. I believe my statement was unexpected enough that people really heard it. My opinion is that people thought that if I believe in something strongly enough to speak like that about it, I must have a point and must be worth listening to. This aspect of gender norms is something I would not have considered before doing the assignment. Now, I believe that gender norms can cause an opinion that is in-line with those norms to be rejected, while an opinion outside of the norms is more likely to be accepted.

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The other thing I learned from this assignment is that how you say things can determine how you feel about them. In this case I made a specific effort to speak in a masculine way. Speaking this way actually made me believe more in what I was saying and made me feel stronger. The interesting thing is that I didn't completely believe in what I was saying and yet speaking in a way that sounded tough made me believe in it. The end result was that I actually felt stronger and more confident for making my statement. This has made me believe that how things are said is as important as what is being said.

I don't believe I will change the content of what I say in the future, but I do intend to make an effort to speak in what I consider a more masculine way.

Whether or not being masculine really equals strength is irrelevant. The point is that by speaking in what I consider a masculine way, I feel greater conviction in what I am saying and I feel like a stronger person. The important thing this has taught me is that gender roles do not only involve how other people judge me, gender roles also seem to impact how I see myself. In short, when I was speaking in a feminine way I felt weaker than I do speaking in a more masculine way. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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