Gender Reflection: On Identifying Essay

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For example, when men go out drinking, being able to consume large quantities of alcohol is considered manly, and someone who does not is looked down upon. Because I try to stay physically fit and love to play sports, the drinking and partying lifestyle is not compatible with my personal goals. But many of my male Russian friends do not understand this.

As a straight man, it was interesting for me to see the video "Dude, you're a fag," in which the author Dalton Conley noted that the epithet 'fag' was not about same-sex desire but about not being appropriately masculine. While this may be true in the United States (and based upon my experience in the U.S., I am inclined to agree with the author), in Russia, because of the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church and the overall culture of Russia, I do not think this is true -- there is a great deal of anger and very real homophobia in Russian society that is specifically directed against gay people.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Gender Reflection: On Identifying With Assignment

Boxing is a very important part of my life. Within the boxing subculture, seeming to be masculine is a very important component of fighting. There is no doubt that the image of boxing conforms to a cultural stereotype of masculinity of men as violent, although there are women boxers now, too. There are definitely sides of myself that I might show in other facets of my life which I would never reveal in a boxing gym. It has been said that "masculine identities are forged in the sport of boxing through training regimes that are discursively regulated by narratives of courage, honour and heroism. & #8230;despite social changes allowing for increased gender fluidity there are still particular social institutions where gender identities appear to remain fixed and rigid, such as in the sport of boxing" (Fogel 2). Boxing is certainly not a politically correct sport: either you prove yourself in the ring through intensive training and a show of heart, or you fail. There is no disguising that the ultimate objective of boxing is to win by causing some sort of physical or psychic pain to your opponent. To some extent, this is what I like about boxing. I like testing and pushing myself to my limits. But boxing is not the only part of my existence which defines me, and I do see some fighters who are so embroiled in the culture of boxing that they forget other aspects of their existence that are less conventionally masculine.

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