Gender Roles in Everybody Loves Term Paper

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There has been a shift in the social order and men have become less macho and less likely to put across behaviors traditionally associated with masculinity.

Some are probable to say that the show takes a feminist approach at addressing gender roles. By portraying Debra as a strong woman who is perfectly capable to take control over her life and the lives of people close to her, Everybody Loves Raymond practically shows that men have become lazy and immature individuals who absolutely need someone to take charge over their lives. Ray is shown as a person who is very successful in his business affairs, but who losses all the abilities that make him that successful in the moment when he enters his house.

The fact that Ray fails to care for his children when he is provided with the chance to do so points toward the belief that men are not capable to look after children and that this is only a job for women. The second episode, "I Love You" presents the couple coming across a dilemma with regard to the feelings they invest into their marriage. Debra is concerned about how Ray no longer expresses the love he feels for her while Ray believes that this is not actually that important. This further contributes to showing men as being more concerned about the sexual and functional aspect of a relationship and women being interested in love and romance.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Gender Roles in Everybody Loves Assignment

It is difficult to determine whether the show is meant to reinforce gender roles or if it is meant to promote the idea that gender roles are no longer a dominant concept in the contemporary society. While Ray and Debra are initially presented as being a perfectly normal couple, their position changes as the storyline progresses. Debra is shown as being more and more authoritarian and Ray as being less and less capable to take control over matters in his family. A series of other stereotypes intervene and confuse viewers with regard to the actual scope of the show. Ray's mother is dominant and this is likely to be a reason why Ray is as immature as he is, taking into account that the fact that a dominant female figure in his life influenced him to take on particular attitudes when he is in the presence of a woman. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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