Gender Roles Exemplified by Luann Platter Essay

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Gender Roles Exemplified by Luann Platter in "King of the Hill"

One of the most popular animated sitcoms on American television in recent years was "King of the Hill," featuring the Hill family, consisting of Hank, the father, Peggy, the big-footed (size 16) mother, Bobby, the young and chubby son who is fond of fruit pies and a love-stricken and pretty niece, Luann Platter (Thompson, 2009). Although many of the characters on "King of the Hill" depict stereotypical Gender Roles, nowhere is this more pronounced that with Luann Platter. The daughter of Peggy's brother and a substance-abusing, swinger mother who was imprisoned for stabbing Luann's father with a fork, compelling Luann to come live with the Hills "until she sorts things out" in the series' first episode.

Although Luann demonstrates a natural talent for automobile mechanics when she tells her Uncle Hank that she fixed his car while casually wiping the grease off her hands, but her male-oriented mechanical talents are quickly dismissed by the redneck friends of Hank as well as Hank's father, Cotton Hill, who suggests that trying to teach women to fix cars is "like trying to teach monkeys to read." Enrolled at a local beauty school, Luann's assumes the more stereotypical role for women in Texas but it is apparent her talents are not in hair dressing. Her efforts at beauty school are not only subpar, but downright terrible until she joins forces with Bill, the Army barber, in a subsequent episode where she finally excels.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Gender Roles Exemplified by Luann Platter in Assignment

Unfortunately, Luann's troubles only continue to worsen after she moves in with the Hills, beginning with a breakup with her seemingly worthless boyfriend, Buckley, only to actually lose him outright permanently in an explosion at the "you-get-a-lot-of-batteries-for-$4" Mega Lo Mart caused by Buckley's mishandling of valves on the propane tanks in his department. Following a series of encounters with Buckley's angel, Luann receives a message from none other than Jesus himself that her destiny is not in hair dressing, but he refuses to say precisely what it is, leaving it to Luann to figure it out on her own. Luann experiences… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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