Gender Roles: Patriarchy Essay

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This definitely goes against the overall motherhood myth and what much of society would like to present to the world at large, particularly women. However, one could also argue that for men, there is also a great deal of pressure: pressure to succeed and to support the family and to protect the family and that such pressures can be debilitating as well.

Thus, if this paper has attempted to prove anything, it has taken the firm stance that when it comes to patriarchy, or society is still a paragon of a patriarchal attitudes, often supported by misogyny. This is not to discount the tremendous strides that women and feminism have made in the last five or so decades, but it does intend to suggest that the idea that there is an equal playing-field between the sexes is absolutely absurd. The world is still very much controlled by the whims, opinions and control of white males. While both genders have certain amounts of pressure and judgment placed upon them, the judgment placed upon women regarding their biological necessity to have children is generally far more intense and invasive, as this is a judgment which decrees that they are expected to create new human beings and spend much of their lives caring for them.


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Essay on Gender Roles: Patriarchy and the Assignment

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