Gender, Sexuality, and Identity Term Paper

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Thus, rather the man stands as a martyr to philosophy, willing to die for the state whose protection he assumed, a state that allowed for him to teach for much of his life. A citizen, even in disagreement with the law, argues Socrates, may willingly engage in acts of civil disobedience and disobey the laws of the city. However, the citizen must also willingly assume the consequences of doing so, even if those consequences are death.

SECTION D: Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale -- Question 8:Cheat nature?Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Gender, Sexuality, and Identity -- Assignment

Ironically, the commander of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale says to the main character that one cannot cheat nature, in the sense that the commander believes that feminism and a liberal democracy runs antithetical to what is natural, namely the natural subordination of women to men. Yet he himself is attempting to cheat nature and produce a child, when his own wife is barren, and with a woman who is not simply married to another man, but whose own child has been taken from her, an indignity not even many animals 'in nature' are subject to suffer. Even in the framework of the novel, characters like the commander find ways to follow their natural instincts, as he takes his mistress, not in the regimented and ritualistic way prescribed by his fundamentalist faith, to a kind of brothel-like establishment. There, women who are lesbian are forced to serve men -- but also engage in what feels natural to them, sexually, on their 'off' hours. Even the handmaidens, 'naturally' try to protect their skin to keep their beauty and find ways of dreaming about a life outside of their current plight -- as exemplified in the carved Latin 'don't let the bastards get you down' on a piece of furniture, as well as seek more effective political means of resistance. Even though the Bible is under lock and key to prevent competing interpretations (or of women engaging in reading) transgressions seem to naturally take place in all characters lives take place, even in the lives of the leaders of the land. The commander sees male sexual desire as natural, in contrast to female sexual reticence, while the handmaiden sees her love of her child as natural, in contrast to her own mother's feminism. Overall, the book suggests there is no 'natural' that is stable, and no nature to cheat.

SECTION F: The Sermon on the Mount by the Gospel according to Matthew: Persecution Question

Jesus teaches the sermon as a radical religion teacher, a man spurned by his current religious society. Thus Jesus asks Christian followers to endure the onslaught of a world that is incapable of understanding their true Christian philosophy and calling. Piety is not an act of public ritual and demonstration, performed for social validation, with social exuberance in a large ritual community. Rather, for clandestine members of a small sect of Christians, piety is a secret and private act. The inner person or soul, in Jesus' estimation, is vastly superior to the outer, socially manifested soul -- and in such a context, white lies or social deceptions promulgated to keep society intact on its surface are verboten. One can turn one's cheek to persecution, but one cannot lie about one's true beliefs. The meek, those who seek validity in their beliefs not through social and communal life, but through being true to their faith and teachings are ultimately those who will show themselves to be superior and beloved, if only in the life to come. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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