Gender and Sexuality Essay

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His experiences as an emissary to Gethen challenge this assumption about the inherent division by gender between all beings. However, Le Guin's novel does not take an idealized perspective of genderless life. On one hand, there is no discrimination against women and no patriarchical authority that forces women into an inferior position, based upon their biological status. However, Karhide is in a political conflict with the neighboring state of Orgoreyn. Lacking gender does not result in a perfect society, but it does make the people of Gethen more 'human' to some degree. All beings are equally able within their respective societies to enjoy their full capacity to think and maximize their full potential, regardless of gender. What is considered strange and perverse depends upon what is constructed as normal, not something inherent to the human condition. Ali is considered just as odd in Gethen someone who transgresses gender norms in our society.

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Le Guin's text thus functions as both a critique of modern society's obsession with distinctions between males and females but also as a critique of so-called 'difference feminism' which suggests that women are inherently more cooperative than males, and that once gender distinctions end, so will all the problems of the world. The people of Gethen still struggle, but at least the struggles of gender stereotypes have been left behind and they can focus upon more pressing problems.

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