Gendered Experiences of Racism Being Term Paper

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And because they dropped out of high school in the first place, they have the greatest probability of all, to end up incarcerated, continuing this never-ending cycle that their children will end up falling into (Eckholm 2006).

Although this case is seen among other minority groups as well, such as Latinos and immigrants from Africa, the outcome is not always the same (Swarns 2004). Among Latino males who do not finish high school, the crime, incarceration, and unemployment rates are no where near as high as they are for young African-American males (Eckholm 2006). Even among immigrants from Africa, these rates of criminality and unemployment are not as high as they are for the inner-city urban African-American males. The society in which they grow up in since they were born makes all the difference in this case. Different circumstances are endured and different cultural values are emphasized in African-American young men from the United States, than those who are from Latino or African immigrant decent (Swarns 2004).

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It is a very harsh world for the everyday African-American male in the United States. It cannot be an easy thing to go about everyday knowing that the odds are against you succeeding. More likely than not, statistics show that an African-American male will end up in prison instead of at a stable well-paying job. Being a African-American child who grows up knowing this makes it even more difficult to overcome this expectation. Also, the fact that everyone knows that this is a probable outcome, including the police themselves, makes it justifiable to these authority figures that shooting an innocent African-American male was the right thing to do, since the odds that he would have taken out a gun was more probable than him attempting to take out an identification card.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Gendered Experiences of Racism Being Assignment

Swarns, R.L. (August 29, 2004). 'African-American' becomes a term for debate. In The New York Times. Retrieved August 28, 2011, from [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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