Genders and the Differences Thesis

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Sociology - Gender & Sexuality


Define and distinguish sex and gender:

Sex refers to the range of physical and physiological elements of the biology of sexual relations. Gender refers to the learned elements of the social and psychological elements of sexual relations. To illustrate the difference, the distinction between male and female from a sexual perspective is that males are sexually attracted to females and vice versa. Males are physiologically designed to impregnate females through sexual intercourse while females are physiologically designed to bear children produced through sexual reproduction.

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According to that view, males are not sexually attracted to or romantically interested in other males and females are not sexually attracted to or romantically interested in other females. However, gender does not always coincide with sexuality or sexual orientation. For example, many individuals are not sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex. Instead, they are sexually attracted to and romantically interested in members of the same sex. Furthermore, gender encompasses a much broader range of human behavioral variation than strictly sexual issues. Specifically, while gender identity issues are most commonly related to the distinction between heterosexual and homosexual orientation, certain individuals maintain a completely heterosexual sexual orientation, but still identify with the opposite gender. Typically, a male might be sexually attracted to females exclusively, but consider himself to be female, despite his biologically determined gender assignment. 2. Explain Gender Schema theory and its effect on sex-based behavioral characteristics.

Gender Schema Theory describes the extent to which human gender-based social behavior is determined by the prevailing norms and expectations within human societies.

TOPIC: Thesis on Genders and the Differences in Between Assignment

For example, within a given society, the beliefs about what attitudes and behaviors are associated with masculinity and femininity play a crucial role in shaping the development of those corresponding characteristics in the personal development of the individual.

In one society, providing food for the family, primarily through farming and foraging might be a social role associated with females. In that case, females would naturally come to identify with this responsibility through the socialization process. In another society, providing food for the family, (whether through farming or hunting), might be a social role associated with males. In that case, males would naturally come to identify with this responsibility through the socialization process.

Likewise, if specific attributes or behaviors are associated with one gender or the other in society, part of the socialization process includes the development of a personal identity of the individual that corresponds to those social expectations. For example, in many societies, males are expected to be strong, protective, independent, and logical; females, meanwhile, are expected to be weak, vulnerable, dependent, and emotional.

According to the gender schema analysis, young children begin to absorb these social messages and expectations very early and continue to develop personal characteristics based as much on these social influences as on any element of biological gender assignment.

3. Explain Social learning theory and its effect on sex-based behavioral characteristics.

Social Learning Theory suggests that many aspects of individual… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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