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¶ … Dynamics

The company General Dynamics was founded 50 years back in order to generate value meant for shareholders through the use of industrial dynamics by harnessing technology which captures motion, energy, potential and development. In 2004 the revenue of the company increased by 17% to $19.2 billon and total earnings went up 22% to $1.2 billion. There was improvement in sales in each of the four business group and enhancement of margin in every three of the four. General Dynamics successfully unified many major acquisitions, consolidated two businesses in the information Systems and Technology group and enjoyed the benefit of the re-engineering of Gulf Stream that happened in 2003. Major landmarks in 2004 comprised orders from the U.S. Army to produce vehicles for the fourth Stryker Bridgade Combat Team as also the authorization for the low production of Stryker Mobile Gun System and two more additional variants. (General Dynamics: Strength on Your Side)

The strength of the company emanates from dual sources. Expertise of the core technologies which form the markets addressed; and accurate implementation of the vision of management for getting the maximum returns by fulfilling the requirements of the customer, presently and also into the future. The company is made up of four principal business groups viz. Information Systems and Technology, Combat Systems, Marine Systems and Aerospace. Value creation at General Dynamics has been continuous while increasing the confines of possibility.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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The company's Information Systems and Technology is the foremost integrator of network-centric command, control, communications, computing, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance -- C4ISR systems through the application of digital information-sharing technologies. Under Marine Division, the company's Marine Systems designs, develops, builds, integrates and supports the complicated naval platforms which are at the core of the U.S. Navy's transformation to an increasingly deadly, flexible, network-centric sea force of the future. The Combat Systems of the company constitutes the market-leading supplier of tracked and wheeled armored combat vehicles, armament systems and munitions meant for the customers residing in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Southern Pacific. Gulfstream is one of the world's major designer and manufacturers of business-jet-aircraft, and is also a leading supplier of business-aviation services. (General Dynamics: Strength on Your Side)

II. Analysis a) International Business:

The International Business Department signifies the company's interest before the elements of the U.S. Govt. responsible for the defense trade policy and the transfer of international arms and technology. Confined within its responsibilities, General Dynamics' helps all the company business units with strategic plans in order to secure new work, develops team marketing initiatives, guarantees company-wide fulfillment with every U.S. And international regulations leading the sale of military products and evaluates every agreements connected to the company's international dealings. (International Business) 2

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems possess several years of experience in its support of the Department of Defense, the intelligence community and other government and commercial customers. Following the integration of four business divisions of the company in the year 2002 viz. General Dynamics Defense Systems, General Dynamics Information Systems, General Dynamics Advanced Technology Systems and General Dynamics Electronics; General Dynamics Advanced Information System was constituted. The integration of the companies took place in a manner that the company was able to serve the company and its customer in a better manner and reflect a transforming industry. Within the General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, there are four strategic business units which are (i) Engineering Development & Integration Services (ii) Intelligence & Exploitation Systems (iii) Maritime Digital Systems (iv) Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems. (Business Units) b) Legal, ethical and social responsibilities:

Several people consider the concepts of business and ethics as unable to synchronize with each other. In USA and other Western countries, companies more and more ponder about the constituents of ethical corporate behavior and the manner in which to get their people to abide by it. Currently, companies are faced with unprecedented ethical problems. Changes in the technological front bring new issues. In the U.S.A., companies have a special incentive to observe virtue that is the desire to prevent legal penalties. The foremost corporate ethics office was build in 1985 by General Dynamics that was being investigated by the Government for pricing scams. Placed under the pressure from the Defense Department, a team of about 60 defense companies at that time started an initiative in order to establish guidelines and compliance programs. During 1991, federal sentencing rules broadened to include the incentive to make it applicable to other industries, judges were empowered to lower the fines in cases entailing companies which had rules in order to promote ethical behavior and to enhance them for those that did not. (Doing well by doing good: Is Business ethics an oxymoron?)

As regards observing the Code of Ethics, the Board expects General Dynamics director, officers and staff to act in an ethical manner. In fulfillment of that objective, the Code of Conduct for Directors is applicable for all Officers and staff and they are covered under the policies comprising General Dynamic's code of conduct summarized in the Company's Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct Handbook. To top it the CEO, CFO, controller and every person discharging similar functions are covered under an additional code of ethics. (General Dynamics- Corporate Governance Guidelines: Ethics and Conflict of Interest) 5

Planning to include strategic management:

Strategic planning is the sole path in which a top management can be able to plan or economic, demographic, competitive, technological and regulatory changes which impact the manner in which the organization functions. Strategic planning is a process of collective and informed decision making which (a) assists management and leadership teams to place their enterprise for a long-term competitive success and (b) helping teams execute these changes in a judicious manner to their processes, systems, and structure. 'Process' implies that strategic planning's major part is concerned about the process of research, development, and execution. Strategic development is a process, which requires being renewed and refined in any organization. (Mazza, 2003)

Whereas it is a fact that the majority of the strategic plans are required to be updated in the time-frame of three to five years, it never implies that strategic thinking is halted in the meantime. In organization like General Dynamics who are high performers, the planning process undergoes constant improvement, which is continually executed at the tactical stage across the company. Strategic planning is a team process, which depends on the highest stage of collaboration within the leaders across the enterprise. The management and the leadership team responsible for executing changes in their business should participate in forming the strategy from the very beginning. (Mazza, 2003) d) Operating management and plans:

The Strategic Business Units of General Dynamics are organized into four strategic business units under operating management and plans. These are Engineering Development & Integration Services, Intelligence & Exploitation Systems, Maritime Digital Systems and Surveillance & Recognition Systems. The key operating and management plans of the company includes (i) Command & control for tactical and strategic weapons inclusive of submarine fire and weapons control, and information operations (ii) Communications like collaborative systems for first responders and incident management teams; (iii) Computers, including embedded mission computing and integration (iv) Intelligence, supporting every facet of tasking, collection, processing, analysis, exploitation and dissemination in spheres like signal intelligence, geospatial intelligence and overall intelligence engineering. (v) Surveillance and investigation, inclusive of sensors and surveillance network systems, sensor and image processing / fusion, and sensor payload performance modeling. (At a Glance: Key Offerings) e) Organizing work and structure:

Under the System Engineering Process, the Work Breakdown Structure -- WBS is the starting point of everything else in the acquisition process. The WBS constitutes a product-oriented family tree, constituted of hardware, software, services, data, facilities, testing, and all others which is the outcome of a system engineering process. When an organization like General Dynamics has a large project in its hand to manage e.g. developing a major weapon system - subdividing the effort into manageable parts constitutes the first step. Large organization like General Dynamics uses the WBS to organize the subdivision of the work into smaller arenas and components. The WBS being organized as a hierarchical structure shows a relationship among the larger and the smaller constituents. Within the acquisition process, the WBS is employed on several occasions across a system's life cycle. (Clark; Littrell, 2002)

Irrespective of the system's life cycle model, WBS is applicable to every acquisition model. During the early part in the acquisition process, the WBS forms the template of a proposed program WBS. With the growth of the program and other documents providing further guidance, the WBS molds into a real object. A notional design for an early prototype ultimately forms into a refined engineering endeavor. The WBS builds this theoretical structure to assist the manufacturer develops towards a design and ultimately prepare for a production. The WBS is employed mainly at the time of development and production of defense systems. Large commercial companies also utilize the WBS at the time of developing complex… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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