General Music and Genres Essay

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¶ … Music and Genres

List 3 music Genres that most socially and politically influential over time.

Music plays a critical role in the social and political spheres of the United States. Various music genres were most socially and politically influential in relation to the history of the United States. Three critical music genres that were socially and politically influential in the history of the United States include Cowboy songs, Jazz songs, and Ragtime. These music genres transformed political and social perspectives of the citizens of the United States with reference to the historical development of the nation.

Do you agree with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's description of music as a universal language of humanity?

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I agree with the statement that music is actually a universal language essential in transcending boundaries of language, culture, time, and geographical locations. In this context, universal represents all cultures and societies of man existing on the planet earth thus exclusion of the entire collection planets, galaxies, and stars. It is also vital to note that modern and contemporary music has its basis on the historical past thus connection of the music despite language barriers. It is also essential to note that music contains both vocal and instrumental aspects thus influence on the social and political spheres of the society. It is critical to note that music focuses on bringing members of the planet together despite the societal or cultural differences thus a universal language.

What's the typical process by which a folksong is created?

TOPIC: Essay on General Music and Genres Assignment

In the creation of a folk song, it is essential to note that all music in this genre begin with the phrase: "I asked my love to take a walk." In the continuation, the walk should relate to places such as past prison, riverside, into the valley, and over the sea rather than to the store for a loaf, Wal-Mart, and rollerblades. There should be critical attention to the type of conversation along the way to integrate aspects such as racehorse, murder, inevitable baby, and revelation of a long-lost person. It is ideal to mention places such as mountains, Botany Bay, valleys, and the fair. All folk songs focus on repeating same words in each verse with the ability to move them around resulting into the death of a person or appearance of a ghost. There is need to provide new information in the development of the chorus of the folk song thus integration of the repeated words in each verse. There is crucial need to implement references to the folk song with the aim of including lots of whales, sowing, job category, visionary/steam, and railroad trains. In the development of the references to the folksong, it is critical to avoid incorporation of the following job categories: re-insurance, insurance, and any state employment opportunity. There is the need to sprinkle certain choice of words in the development of a folk song such as farewell, thee, dead, alas, and gather. In the development of the folk songs, the true love is either missing, dead, or in disguise to offer greater meaning to the song (Novello et al., p. 18).

Discuss what the condition of slavery brought to African-American music and thus the music of America in general.

The condition of slavery in the African-American music was essential for the introduction of the slave music and the banjo. The dance is currently known as Charleston. It had great influence to the American dance style than any other imported culture from the African dance. It reflects a jitterbug dance applicable to unconventional and violent social dances performed in relation to the syncopated music (Ogude p. 149). The dance was brought by slaves from Congo to Charleston in Carolina in the form of juba dance to evolve into Charleston between 1735 and 1740. Another introduction was the African instrument known as banjo. Eventually, the Africans abandoned the instrument because of ridicule thus adoption by the southern whites as their own. African-Americans have contributed to the development of a music genre in the form of hip-hop. This is a reflection of the development of music genre following the aspect of slavery in the context of the United States. Other music genres under the influence of slavery include blues and dub-step.

Do you think racial background impacts the authenticity of music being played?

I believe racial background has minimal influence or implication on the authenticity of music being played. The authenticity of music being played should focus on two critical aspects. The first aspect in relation to the authenticity of the music being played should be innovation. This relates to the ability to integrate modern aspects to reflect and blend effectively and efficiently with the cultural diversity of the planet. The second aspect in the determination of authenticity of music being played should focus on the essence of originality. This is vital for the purposes of differentiation and violation of essential rights in relation to piracy. Originality is also crucial in the development of uniqueness thus authenticity of music being played.

Six United States' cities with specific genres of music

Six United States' cities and genres of music in relation to the development of music within the nation include New York City (Hip hop, Latin freestyle, salsa, and punk rock), Chicago (Blues and Jazz), Austin City (Live Music), Nashville City (Country Music, New Orleans (Jazz), and Seattle (Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, and Classical). These cities in the United States are critical towards the development of various genres of music in the nation following their participation, social, and cultural diversity (Aton p. 519).

How the music of the era mirrored the societal change or perhaps caused it

Music of an era relates to the social changes in the society especially in the context of the United States. For instance, the introduction of the aspect of slavery was essential in the alteration of the music of an era because of the tendency of the slaves to maintain their cultures. It is also critical to note that historical events such as wars had great influence or impact on the development or adoption of new music genres on the context of the United States. The change of perspective of the United States in relation to the concept of slavery is critical in the development of music genres such as Blues, Hip Hop, and dub-step as contributions of the African-Americans.

Compare and contrast Folk/Country/Rock with the genres coming from African-American heritage; Blues/Jazz/Soul/Gospel/R&B/Hip-hop.

Folk/Country/Rock and Blues/Jazz/Soul/Gospel/R&B/Hip-hop represents music genres of different ages and cultural or societal status. The first category (Folk/Country/Rock) is associated with old population in the context of the United States while the second category (Blues/Jazz/Soul/Gospel/R&B/Hip-hop) is mainly associated with the young and energetic society members. The second category is associated with richness unlike in the case of the first category. The first category focuses on the implementation of traditional instruments such as drums while the second category integrates modern instruments such as flutes and trumpets (Novello et al., p. 18).

What is the legacy of Latin/Caribbean/Mexican cultures on the music of America?

The legacy of Latin/Caribbean/Mexican cultures in the presence of the music of the modern America is evident in the development of rock as a music genre in the United States. The main contribution of Latin/Caribbean/Mexican cultures in the development of rock as a music genre in the context of the United States is evident in the form of Latin pop which is a form of rock (Rebollo-Gil et al., p. 121).

Describe the styles of music that Asian-Americans have participated in. What are the significant social/political influences made by Asian-American musicians?

Asian-Americans have participated in numerous genres of music such as classical, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, and popular. These activities have led to generation of numerous implications of the social and political spheres in relation to the cultures of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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