Generalized Anxiety Disorder Research Paper

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Some common symptoms of GAD include:

Sudden feelings of panic, fear and unease

Obsessive thoughts which can't be suppressed

Constant nightmares and problems in sleeping


Dry mouth, muscle tensions, nausea


Constant nervousness and unable to stay calm

Numb body parts

Recurring memories of horrifying or traumatizing memories

Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

Psychotherapy: One of the treatments and cures for General Anxiety Disorder include Psychotherapy. This treatment when used for curing GAD should be aimed at combating against the person's lowest level of anxiety that is present (Grohol, 2010). The first step towards doing this is identification of the reason why this disorder occurs in the first place. It may be due to poor planning skills, extreme levels of stress, difficulty in relaxation and calming down. The ability to calm a person down and help him relax is the key element that plays an important role in the therapy and overcoming the disorder.

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The patient can be taught relaxation tips either in isolation or in the way of giving a feedback. There is education given on the ways in which the person can increase the levels of relaxation and they are usually given exercises which enable the deep breathing where the person is able to perceive their own self and can assess their own selves. It is not necessarily practiced in all the cases but may prove to be quite helpful in some cases. Some therapeutic techniques involve the teaching of muscle relaxations and imageries which help the person calm down his nerves. There are some instances where the person is fully taught how to avoid the stressing out in particular situations and then taught how to apply to a variety of situations (Books, 1997). The people who effectively learn the skill to calm their nerves down and think logically and calmly often make good use of it and it comes in handy. This can also be learnt by brief counseling sessions and are quick in handling the disorder.

Research Paper on Generalized Anxiety Disorder General Anxiety Assignment

Helping the patient fight the overall stress levels and teaching them how to combat that extreme emotion will also prove to be beneficial. The people suffering from this disorder tend to have very busy schedules and hectic days which give them these attacks of panic and pressure. By helping these people maintain a kind of balance in their life and devoting time to family, work, leisure, etc., the person may be able to perform better and avoid over thinking things (Erlbaum, 2007). The people suffering from this disorder eventually become so accustomed to the constant panic and worrying that they probably don't imagine a life without those stressful thoughts. Helping the person realize their full potential and what they can accomplish by staying calm will come in handy.

To cure GAD, Individual therapy may be recommended in order to help the person open up because they may feel awkward and the patients don't open up that easily so individual and private help is quite effective. This also helps to distinguish between whether it is a general anxiety disorder that the person is suffering from or if it is any phobia in particular that may be scaring the person. Often the people suffering from GAD retreat themselves and avoid having to face groups or confrontations so it is often proffered to give them the isolation of individual treatment whereby they can escape their fears (Grohol, 2010).

The non-specific elements in these therapeutic methods are essential to these individuals as they gain an environment which is supportive of their problem and helps them overcome it so they become more comfortable and accept different environments The person may feel better after venting out their problems to someone and getting the required feedback to cope up with the situation. There are certain modeling techniques that may be extended towards the sufferer and thus they escape their traumatic symptoms. Hence these psychotherapies may prove to be one of the essential aiding techniques of treating the sufferers of psychotherapy.


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