Term Paper: Generally Speaking, Psychology Concerns

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Generally speaking, psychology concerns the study of human behavior

and the processes and functions of the mind, especially related to the

social and physical environments in which humans live and work. There are

many branches of psychology, some being behavioral psychology, clinical

psychology, humanistic psychology and even animal psychology. Psychology is

also a profession that involves studying how and why human beings act as

they do in specific social situations as either individuals or groups.

Personally, psychology is one of the most fascinating of all the

social sciences, due to three important reasons. First, it reveals the

inner workings of the human mind which once understood can help a person in

many ways, such as interacting with other human beings in a social setting

or coming to understand why people behave as they do. Second, psychology

can be used in almost any human situation to help solve particular problems

related to the social environment. Third, psychology… [END OF PREVIEW]

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