Term Paper: Generation Communication the Generational Difference

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Generation Communication

The generational difference examined within the larger society may be stark when viewing them through a certain lens. In many ways the old adage " them more things change the more they stay the same" applies in the discussion between generational comparison. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the characteristics of my generation in regards to leadership and communication. This essay will highlight how technology, culture and human nature have all contributed to the perceived differences and similarities between intergenerational ideas and concepts.

Technology has certainly affected many of the processes and exchanges done between human beings in today's world. Communication has been dramatically altered where speed is often substituted for quality and well thought out reasoning. There are pros and cons to both approaches but the current younger generation overwhelming responds to digital communication and non-face-to face exchange.

Leadership is not so much about physical presence in today's world, rather it reflects more of a mental presence. The human mind is naturally aligned to seeking out new and novel ways of living and being and leaders must be flexible and capable of communicating on all levels. An enlightened leader knows that all generations have similarities and differences just like individuals. It is mandatory for successful leaders to resonate with the human individual qualities that also significantly contribute to the equation as well.

Age is merely a state of mind, and it is not ridiculous to suggest that very few individuals identify strongly with their generation. Today's world has seen the age gap diminish very significantly where boundaries of accepted behavior are much looser and freer allowing people of all age to explore things that were previously reserved for those of a different generation. Leaders need to understand that the impact of generational culture is not as impactful as it may appear once the superficial practices of those generations are understood in a broader and more general context.

Communication happens on many different levels in human exchange. Much of it is subconsciously hidden and not available to the working mind. Internal dialogue and communication requires much more attention in this age where external stimuli often override the more reasonable aspects of human consciousness. These communication skills can be mastered as with any skill, but identifying the problem first is preliminary to the application of these solutions.

If indeed most communication is transacted in non-verbal methods, it is important that leaders maintain an… [END OF PREVIEW]

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