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[. . .] Society is based on achieving and developing and in any generation, there are people responsible for the developments. Telling the stories of those that contributed is not reason to say that an entire generation has been represented.

The author also argues that the generation gave us the society we have today. This, however, is true of any past society. This is the very nature of history, that one generation depends on the last. Saying that because of this generation, we have what we have now, is a meaningless statement, since every past event leads to the present. To consider this, the question could be asked 'what if that generation had of done more?' Perhaps if the generation had of done more, current society would be better than it is today. This thinking shows the error in the author's perspective.

While there are problems in proving the thesis, the author is still effective in showing the qualities of the individuals described and what they achieved. Part of the purpose is achieved, with the reader becoming aware that this generation of individuals did do a lot to rebuild society. The book also effectively shows the struggles of the generation and with a comparison to modern society, the reader becomes aware of how much things have changed, and perhaps, how much they take for granted.

The book is also quite inspirational, with these ordinary individuals fighting against the odds, showing what one person is capable of achieving. While many of the people described in the book are now well-known, at the time they were not. It is only because of their efforts and actions that they became well-known. This offers an inspirational message that anyone is capable of contributing and helping a nation rise out of difficult times.

The first-person accounts are also an effective way of bringing to life the reality of the situation to a modern generation. The first-person accounts allow for many different perspectives to be offered and for this to paint an overall picture of what life was like at the time. The first-person narration and the stories of well-known individuals also creates interest in the book.

Overall, while the author does not prove the thesis, this is more a fault in the thesis they set for the book, than a comment on the effectiveness of the book. The book is effective in offering people an insight into the struggles of the people during World War II and the Great Depression and showing some of the major contributions of the generation that rebuilt America after the war. The book is also effective in recording personal stories of success, heroism and perseverance - stories that can be inspirational to a new generation. Finally, the first-person accounts creates interest in the stories, helping a new generation find enough interest in the stories to keep reading and learn about this generation and their impact.

Book Report - Rough Draft

I. Bibliographic Information

The Greatest Generation. Tom Brokaw. New York: Random House, 1998. 412 pages.

II. Author's Thesis


The generation of World War II and the Great Depression are the greatest, giving America the society it enjoys today.

Often undervalued.

Author attempts to show the value of the generation and what they achieved.

III. Evidence to Support Thesis.

Describes the battles of the generation via first-person accounts.

Battles in the war and after, at home and abroad.

Cross-section of stories, representing the generation.

IV. Personal Reaction

Does not prove thesis.

Personal accounts - all the stories are significant, what about those that did nothing, or those that failed?

Every generation would be able to find examples of those who achieved great things.

Generation created what we have today - a false argument, since every event of the past impacts on current society. Maybe society could have been better?

Does not prove thesis because of an error in the thesis, more than a downfall of the book.

Does: show qualities of the people, what they achieved, their struggles.

Is: educational and inspirational.

First-person accounts and the use of well-known… [END OF PREVIEW]

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