Genesis This Book Includes the Creation Research Paper

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This book includes the creation of the Earth as well as the creation of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman.


Exodus focuses on the Israelites exodus from Egypt. Moses is an important character and we become aware of God's covenant with his chosen people in this book.


This book can be seen as a manual for priests and Levites as it includes duties and precepts. The books also covers issues of Godliness and holiness. Many of these principles are established in the New Testament.

Numbers covers how Israel intended on entering the Holy Land. It also covers the years spent at Sinai and Moab. The book also discusses how events are guided by God, the deliverer.


This book is important because it explores God's greatness, especially in regard to future generations.


Joshua presents a historical account of the Israelites and the division of the tribes.


Judges provides the history of Israel. The book examines God's power and forgiveness.


Ruth shows us the importance of faith in God through Ruth and Naomi's relationship. God's grace is important as well.

I Samuel

This book is the history of Samuel, a judge. Also covered is Saul's time in power, leading up to the time of David.

II Samuel

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This book covers the significance of David, demonstrating how valuable a leader can be when he follows God's direction.

I Kings

This book continues from Samuel, covering David's reign and the collapse of Israel.

II Kings

This book show us what can happen when people choose not to follow God's instruction.

I Chronicles

Research Paper on Genesis This Book Includes the Creation of Assignment

An order of events for Israel. David's reign is also covered.

II Chronicles

Chronicles covers the reign of Solomon and the union of Israel.


A continuation of Israel's history and their return to the Holy Land.


This book covers the history of Nehemiah's in Jerusalem and his attempt to rebuild the city walls.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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