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¶ … Genesis story is perhaps the most important story of the Bible, it details the creation of the world and the specifically the creation of human beings. In Genesis, God said, "Let us make human beings in our image, after our likeness, to have dominion overall wild animals" (Genesis 1:26). Human nature as represented by Genesis is that we as human beings are made in the "likeness" of God and therefore, human nature dictates that we are different from animals because of our ability to rationalize. Human nature therefore, is also the nature of God Himself, we as human beings have a special place and role in the world compared to the rest of creation.

There are two basic elements to our humanity as described by Genesis. The first is that we have the ability to rationalize and think for ourselves. Genesis argues that human beings were created in God's image in order for us to be able to choose and conceive of the notion of freedom. Human beings by nature have the ability to conceive of theoretical concepts and therefore formulate decisions. We were given this understanding in order to allow us to conceive choices specific to obedience of God's will. All humans have the ability to choose to accept or reject God, thus choice can be conceived as obedience to God's will or disobedience. However, our ability to rationalize and our understanding of God and his plans are incomplete. Genesis explains that we were made to be imperfect and therefore cannot expect our conclusions to be accurate. Our ability to rationalize and choose is understood within Hebrew text as our ability to choose to follow the yetzer tov or the yetzer ra, or between our good impulse and our evil impulse.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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