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[. . .] 2001).

Besides, there would be no reason in cloning a person, since it offers little science or in other words no advantages. There are a number of people who say that if they could clone Albert Einstein then there is much more that can be learned about science as well as the theory of relativity, which is not true (George.2001). If anyone is cloned that does not mean that it will be the same person in each and every manner since genetic engineering meaning here is that their genetic makeup will be exactly same. Thus, the environment where they grow up basically plays a major role in the development of the person's personality (George.2001).

Safety Aspect of Using Genetic Engineering:

Furthermore, safety of genetic engineering presents much more concern. The present precautions along with the earlier precautions of the biotechnological industry resolve the safety issue as today the Federal and State Governments has set many restrictions on biotechnological industries where both has imposed limitations such as the illegalization of human cloning along with some restrictions on other genetic engineering processes (Lewin. 1994). However, the only legal forms of genetic engineering being used today are, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and sperm banks. While another form of genetic engineering is the use of gene therapy (Lewin. 1994).

Gene therapy has been made illegal because none should be able to create the perfect child; rather they correct a gene in a child if it has a chance of being born with Down syndrome. This safety precaution has been made in effect in order to protect and save the lives of unborn babies (Clark. 1994). Furthermore, gene therapy cannot be used on humans till it is faultless and complete with little or no chance of failure (Clark. 1994).

Moreover, through researches it has been known that it is unsafe to clone a human as it took 277 attempts to clone successfully Dolly the sheep. However, this should not make scientists from attempting to clone organs to save lives. There are currently three states that have banned the cloning of humans (Clark. 1994). Among the states are Rhode Island, California and Michigan. The state banns will stay in effect for five years in California and Rhode Island. If convicted in the state of Michigan, for trying or cloning a human there are various penalties, including a ten-year prison sentence (Clark. 1994).

Society Perspective in terms of Moral & Religious Aspect:

People concerns about this biotechnology are no exception. However, among the main concerns are birth flaws and the constancy of the organism's life. For instance, if a sheep or a plant is genetically altered or cloned then will it have a constant and healthy life? (Ross. 1969). The reply to which it is yes and the reason behind genetically engineered organisms is to produce a healthy and more stable life form (Ross. 1969).

Another fear of the society is that this biotechnology may get into the wrong hands and someone may bring back a disloyal person (Ross. 1969). The society, however, fails to understand that cloning is possible so even if it is illegal to clone a person, the availability of technology might allow anyone to clone (Ross. 1969).

Many people have the opinion that this new biotechnology is allowing scientists and doctors play god not realizing the fact that these doctors are not attempting to recreate human science; but just trying to perfect its defects. It is doctors and scientists who have helped diabetics with their synthetic insulin, and unfertile parents who are now able to have children. Additionally, another disagreeing viewpoint to genetic engineering is the concept that doctors and genetic engineers are trying to control they not supposed to be (Smith. 1979). These thoughts have come from people's fear and religious affiliation. These ideas are just based on opinions that have been once again formed by people (Smith. 1979).

Thus, to conclude society's notion that argues against the genetic engineering is mainly based upon three main topics. Firstly, it is not safe for mankind to do since it is not part of the natural order of things (Smith. 1979). Secondly, many have the opinion that it is permitting doctors and scientists play the role of God. Finally, people believe that scientists are attempting to have control of something that man should not suppose to (Smith. 1979).


Well, this common reason that people give for not accepting the science of genetic engineering being not part of the nature's order then many other inventions should be banned too and people should be afraid (Ross. 1969). Since man has developed from the earliest stages of Precambrian times, while introducing things that were completely unidentified and not part of nature including clothing, fire, automobiles, boats, planes, computers, medical treatment and finally genetic engineering (Ross. 1969).

The genetic engineering is just a new evolutionary pace in the journey of human being. Therefore, if the world could tie together the potential of genetic engineering, it would save countless lives and stop many diseases from ever developing (Smith. 1979).

These several oppositions to non-medicinal genetic engineering, along with religious, social, and evolutionary lines, do not hold much merit (Smith. 1979). While those who have it is due to the fact that they incorporate some other idea together with non-medicinal genetic engineering (Smith. 1979).

Thus, these recommend that while the therapies are not naturally bad, but strong precautions are required in order to make sure that only the individuals keep hold of total and complete control over their own genetic codes by means of the most possible way: principle of choice (Ross. 1969).

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